5 Fake Photos the Entire Internet Believed Were Real

Paris Fireworks Viral Image

3. The New Year in Paris – In the picture above we see hundreds of fireworks that were supposedly set off in Paris on New Year’s Eve. Once again, this photo is fake and there are several pieces of evidence which support that. First of all, on New Year’s Eve fireworks are actually launched from the Eiffel Tower. Secondly, all of the fireworks seen in the photo above are at the same distance from the camera. Finally, people who live in Paris claim this picture is indeed fake. Look below to see a real picture of a fireworks show happening above the Eiffel Tower on July 14.

Paris New Years Eve

Polar Express viral photo

4. “A typical day in Russia” – You might see this photo shown on the internet with a different title as well (such as Polar Express). This picture is suppose to be showing a real white bear getting off a train somewhere in Russia. You’d probably be surprised, but this photo is actually REAL. It was taken inside a town in the Czech Republic and was not edited. However, the bear is not real – it’s a costume that 2 Greenpeace activists were wearing. This “bear” was actually part of the campaign, Save the Arctic. It “walked” in European cities to attract attention to the problems in the Arctic.

whale vertebrae viral image

5. A megalodon’s tooth in a whale vertebrae – The picture above shows fossils that look like a megalodon’s tooth and a whale’s bone, but they were found in different places at different times. One talented seller did a pretty good job when combining these two separate items into one sculpture. If this were a real megalodon’s tooth stuck in a whale’s vertebrae, it would cost millions of dollars and would most likely be in an archaeological museum. On a side note, this photo was first discovered online back in 2012 and you could even buy the artifact for just $125.