Men Who Know Nothing

men who know nothing quote

Men can’t read women’s minds. Therefore, it might be a little hard to figure out what amazing event they can put together to surprise their girlfriends. Thankfully, you don’t have to throw down half your paycheck just to please your girl. The secret to surprising your girlfriend is in the smaller gestures that you may not think matters, but they really do. It doesn’t have to be big and outlandish, just do the things this dating quote says! Get her followers, surprise her with a vacation that you two can enjoy together. There are literally tons of different things men can do to surprise their girlfriend while dating. Listed below are three things you can always surprise her with!

Breakfast In Bed – Make sure you set your alarm for this one. Breakfast in bed is a sweet unexpected gesture that doesn’t happen often enough. Food warms the soul allowing love to seep inside the heart. Make a breakfast fit for a queen with freshly squeezed juice, heart-shaped buttered toast (if you want to get fancy with it), bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Basically whatever you got in your refrigerator and know she’ll enjoy.

Write Love Letters – You don’t have to be far apart to write a letter to your girlfriend. Letters are always a cute surprise that will have your girlfriend adoring you. Texting isn’t the same, so don’t turn to your phone for help. Regardless of your writing skills, letters remain one of the best sources for memories that you may look back on one day when you’re old.

Give Her A Full Body Massage – Pick a nice spot in your house or apartment, light some candles and give your girlfriend a full body massage. Make sure to have some nice oils with a good fragrance to use on her skin. Play soft music in the background to make the mood more intimate. Your girlfriend will melt into a puddle of love as your hands massage her back, shoulders, and legs after a long day.