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My relationship advice for today is that you should be careful anytime your girlfriend is being quiet. It might sound funny, but most of the time a girlfriend will be happy to talk your ears off, even when all you want is some silence. But then, when she finally quiets down, you feel uneasy, as though there’s an ominous feeling in the air. Usually, in situations like this, it’s best to just ask and get it over and done with. If left to fester too long, it might erupt like Mount Fuji and result in total devastation of your relationship. Best to get rip the plaster off than drag the pain out, bit by inching bit and whatnot, right? Here are three ridiculously real reasons why it’s dangerous when your girlfriend is too quiet. It’s a danger sign flashing neon in the dark, like those signs the ammo-carrying rovers usually display when they’re on their way to your training ground from the ammo dump.

She’s worried about something – Something is making her worried and occupying her mind, but she doesn’t want to tell you about it because she doesn’t want to add on to your worries. But, if you don’t do something about it, she’ll think that you don’t care enough about her to ask what’s wrong.
She’s angry at you – Well, the silent treatment is usually left for making her displeasure known without saying things that she might regret in the near future. If you don’t nip this in the bud now, be prepared for an even bigger eruption that might just make the entire relationship collapse.
She’s keeping secrets from you – Maybe her ex contacted her. Or she found out that your ex is back in town. She just doesn’t want to tell you because she doesn’t want to lose you, but it’s eating at her to keep this inside. Be it for yourself or for her, talking about it generally lead to lesser misunderstandings and miscommunication.