I Count You Twice

I count you twice love quote

Here’s a bit of relationship advice: If you’re currently with someone whom you truly love then never forget just how lucky you are. In fact, when saying your prayers each night and thanking God for all of your wonderful blessings, you should probably say thank you twice just like this love quote says. Every single guy in this world has been out playing basketball or poker with his friends at one time or another and thought quietly to himself, I need a girlfriend. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all crave something softer sometimes. If you’ve ever thought, I want a girlfriend, then finding her is merely a matter of the right mindset.

Looking for a girlfriend is every man’s rite of massage. It’s not about trying to mold yourself into some 6-foot-3 superhero. To need a girlfriend is not about chasing, luck, or competition. Looking for a girlfriend is about committing to your values, and connecting authentically. When you begin your quest to find a girlfriend, you’re communicating what you want, and what you’re willing to give. It takes work and that’s exactly why I’ll say it again: never forget how lucky you are if you’ve managed to find yourself in a good relationship!