Goodnight Love Quote

goodnight love quote

Everyone loves a goodnight message! Goodnight texts are both simple and genuine. There is absolutely no harm with saying goodnight to someone. It simply means you want them to have a safe and comfortable night. There is no rudeness in a genuine goodnight message and if you had parents around while growing up, you can probably remember those nights when they would tuck you in and say goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. For some reason, that one sentence always made me feel happy and it created this assurance in my head that I was always going to have a good night. Sweet dreams also has a similar fulfillment in it. As we grow older, many of us live on our own or with roommates, who are too focused on their cell phones or television to care when someone goes to sleep. That’s exactly why we tend to feel rewarded when someone outside our general living space is willing to reach out and wish us goodnight. Why should you tell your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife goodnight before bed each night? There are several important reasons such as wanting them to sleep well, not have nightmares, dream happily (with you in it), and be comfortable and not up pondering all night long. A simple Goodnight to someone you love can mean much more than you may think. Take a moment and share this quote with someone you want to wish a goodnight to and let them know you’re thinking about them!