Thanks For Loving Me

thanks for loving me quote

Everyone has flaws (yes, even you) and if you are planning to spend the rest of your life with someone then you must learn how to accept their flaws. Once the heady chemicals of new love – which transform one’s sweetheart into the very picture of human perfection – wears off, each partner will discover that no matter how compatible they are, there is a least one thing, and sometimes several, that each dislikes in the other. Each possesses some habit, behavior, or personality quirk that annoys, infuriates, and/or disappoints the other person. As the relationship goes on, the pair may remain very much in love, but their respective idiosyncrasies can become a source of perennial conflict. Each partner wants the other to change some behavior or habit, and each partner, even if they try to make the requested change, frequently fails at doing so. And the conflict continues. The only alternative to the typically fruitless hope of getting one’s partner to change, is to simply accept that they’re never going to.

To accept their idiosyncrasies as a part of their (and your) life. Yet this can seem like its own quixotic quest; someone can desire to accept their significant other’s flaws, and yet truly struggle to move this sense of acceptance from their head to their heart. Ultimately, once you realize that the parts of a person you dislike simply come along with the parts you adore, and that you wouldn’t cut out the energy that drives the latter in order to resolve the former, it’s much easier to accept and even celebrate one’s romantic partner (and friends for that matter) for who they are. When you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other, and if it’s a good one, you hold onto it and don’t let it go. This simple love quote is the perfect way to say thanks to someone you care about for loving you despite any flaws you may have!