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Next to You love quote

Next To You

Sleeping next to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is probably the most comfortable way of resting for most people. It doesn’t …

Fall in Place Romance Quote

Fall in Place

This short love quote goes together just like a poem! It makes perfect sense that everything will fall into place between two …

Your Smile love quote

Your Smile

How can you read this cute love quote and not have a smile on your face? It’s important to always try and …

Real Man boyfriend quote

Real Man

If there’s a man out there you’re currently in a relationship with then be sure to take a second and think about …

Trust romance quote


What would a either a friendship or relationship be without trust? Trust builds a bond between two or more people and it’s …

I'll Be Just Fine Quote

I’ll Be Just Fine

The lyrics from this hit song went perfect into making this romantic love quote! For many men in this world the things …