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With You Love Quote

With You

Some couples always seam to do things better anytime they work together. This cute quote is great because it signifies that you …

Good Relationships Quote

Good Relationships

Every young person needs to understand that the best relationships they have in life will take time. It may only take one …

That Is You Love Quote

That Is You

Although it’s a little short, this cute love poem makes for the perfect relationship quote! Tell that special person you love them …

Follow a Dream Love Quote

Follow a Dream

This cute love quote should be shared with the man or woman you care most about and want to see both happy …

Cross the World romance quote

Cross the World

Long distance relationships can be difficult. Still, just because someone lives far away doesn’t mean your love for them could be any …

So Little love quote

So Little

Nobody likes being faraway from the person they love. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or forced to be away from …