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Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married

Make Him Propose

You've probably heard it before, but I'll go ahead and stress it again. Men can often miss a females very subtle signals about a variety of different things including upcoming birthdays/anniversaries, chores, and yes, even that you've been ready to tie the knot for a while now. The truth is, honest communication is always the…

8 Signs Your Man is Dad Material

Good Father Signs

I'm pretty sure that when you initially started dating your partner the two of you did not sit down and analyze what you each felt the standards were of being a good father. There was likely no list that you each went through, checking off the good and bad. It's perfectly okay because most couples…

Boyfriends on Facebook

Boyfriends on Facebook

In this new age world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a dozen other online hangouts; Relationships can start and end because of social media. These types of websites allow two people who may not have ever encountered one another to meet and potentially form a bond together. While it's true that some people believe these…

Tip For Writing a Best Man Speech

Best Man Speech

Getting asked to give a toast at a wedding is one of the greatest honors you'll experience in life. With that being said, you can also expect lots of pressure to be philosophical, nostalgic and witty. We've all been to weddings and seen good best man speeches, and those which were total failures. Everyone was…

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips

When it comes time to plan your wedding, there are some things you should know, and some things you need to know. As a wedding planner you're probably browsing through wedding blogs and Pinterest likes it's your second job. Still, you can never full anticipate exactly how your wedding day will go until it's finally…

Funny Marriage Quote

Funny Marriage Quote

This quote is funny because it speaks the truth about married couples. Once a man and women get married their relationship definitely changes to an extent. The wife is suddenly always right, and the other person in the relationship is just her husband! Both men and women will agree that once the knot has been…