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Man in Love

Is Your Man in Love?

Relationships can be tough and very tricky at times. A guy who seems into you one day might blow you off the …

In Your Heart Love Quote

In Your Heart

It’s not uncommon to miss your loved one when they’re away. We all miss family when we can’t be near them or …

funny wedding proposal videos

Funny Wedding Proposals

Wedding proposals are special events that we are sure to remember forever. But, what about when a wedding proposal goes bad? Or, …

Martin Luther King love quote

Enemy Into Friend

Matin Luther King, Jr. is known for many different quotes throughout his life. But, this has to be one of his best …

Tyga Love Quote

Meant to Be

No relationship is perfect all the time. Every couple hits a bump in the road on occasion and there isn’t anything wrong …

True Relationship Quote

A True Relationship

Do you consider yourself to be in a true relationship? If you truly love the person that you’re with then keep no …