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Follow a Dream Love Quote

Follow a Dream

This cute love quote should be shared with the man or woman you care most about and want to see both happy …

Cross the World romance quote

Cross the World

Long distance relationships can be difficult. Still, just because someone lives far away doesn’t mean your love for them could be any …

So Little love quote

So Little

Nobody likes being faraway from the person they love. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or forced to be away from …

Waiting is So Hard Romance Quote

Waiting is so Hard

Any reason as to why you can’t be close to the person you love isn’t important. Whether it be distance, schedule conflicts …

Next to You love quote

Next To You

Sleeping next to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is probably the most comfortable way of resting for most people. It doesn’t …

Fall in Place Romance Quote

Fall in Place

This short love quote goes together just like a poem! It makes perfect sense that everything will fall into place between two …