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7 Annoying Things All Boyfriends Do On The Regular

Annoying Things Boyfriends Do

Boyfriends can be some of the most interesting people at times. They can be loving and affection one minute, then two minutes later they're burping and engaging in other really annoying behaviors that leave you questioning whether you should even be with them. Most of the time we see them as being adorable and handsome…

5 Things Men Absolutely Love About Pregnant Women

Things Men Love About Pregnant Women

Women who are expecting a newborn can sometimes feel insecure and miserable, comparing themselves to their normal non-pregnant state. No matter how bloated, sweaty or ached they might feel, men still tend to find them irresistible. There is just something special about pregnant women that drive men totally crazy. Continue reading to see 5 things…

When I Saw You Love Quote

When I Saw You

Have you ever fallen in love with someone the minute you laid eyes on them? This short simple love quote is the perfect way to tell that special someone you truly love them, and they know it! When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew! Whether it be true…

5 Mistakes That Women Make In Relationships

Mistakes That Women Make In Relationships

Good relationships take time, patience and lots of hard work. One small remark can plant the seed of demolition and next thing you know the butterfly impact assumes control. Continue reading to see five of the most common mistakes women tend to make while in a relationship. 1. You're a Gold Digger Some women feel…

Proof You Cant Win Against Pregnant Women

Proof You Can’t Win Against Pregnant Women

Women go through allot while pregnant! Scroll down to look at photos of 10 different husbands who serve as proof that you can't win when going up against a pregnant woman. 1. This husband was looking forward to a little Netflix and chill: Photo Credit: Instagram 2. It appears this husband has some shopping to…

Personality Traits That Attract Women

Traits That Attract Women

We all know that women can be easily attracted to men who are rich, a celebrity, or tall and handsome. However, there are quite a few natural personality traits men can put off when interacting with women to make them fall in love without even knowing it! 1. The Head Tilt Have you ever wondered…