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Just You girlfriend quote

Just You

These seven simple words can really be music to a girls ear. If you have a wife or girlfriend out there who …

Increase the Dose love quote

Increase the Dose

Believe it or not, love really is a medicine! There are several stories of people dying in the past and doctors having …

cute love quote

Love Hard

Read this cute boyfriend quote and take what it says to heart! When you find a guy out there who is worthy …

sweet boyfriend quote

He’s Serious

Finding the perfect soul mate takes time, patience and allot of experience. If you’ve already got a boyfriend then one way you …

before anything else love quote

Before Anything Else

One reason I really enjoy this quote is because of the truth behind it. Whether you’re in a relationship right now or …

everything you want love quote

Everything You Want

Love can be a very complicated thing. Sometimes we think that we may love someone when we really don’t. Other times we …