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I should love you quote

I Should Love You

This beautiful quote is the exact reason we should never take true love for granite. Sit back for a moment and think about all the things your significant other does to show their love. Now, would you say that you do as much in return? If not, maybe it's time to start bringing more to…

My Last Breath love quote

My Last Breath

I would have to say that this short quote signifies true love to the fullest extent! If you had to choose between either breathing or loving your significant other, which would you pick? While some people would certainly make the choice to live, others would instead use their last breath to say "I love you"…

Relationship Quote

True Relationship

Good relationships take lots of time, patience and work. When you really care for someone that "work" can actually mean lots of great moments and fun with one another. But, if you really want your relationship to succeed it will take a lot more than just spending time and working with each other. You'll need…

Im Not Perfect Love Quote

I’m Not Perfect

It's the perfect love quote to share with either your boyfriend or girlfriend! Nobody is perfect; We can all be annoying every once in a while and we have all said a stupid thing or two in our lives. Regardless of everything, if it's true love then you will still care for that person and…

3 Mistakes That Ruin Relationships

3 Relationship Mistakes

Photo Source: iStock Most relationships go out with a whimper, not a bang. Why? Because it's easy to choke the life out of love. In fact, it might be too easy.. unless you know what to avoid. Listed below are three habits that will grind layers off your love affair until there is simply nothing…

Prime Day Love Gifts

Love Gifts on Sale

Want to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with an adorable gift that will cost you next to nothing? If so, right now is the perfect time to do some online shopping! Amazon started their one-day Prime Sale at 6pm on Tuesday and it features huge savings on thousands of different Prime products across their website.…