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Girlfriend Love Quote

My Heart Overflows

Is there a special girl out there who makes you smile each day? This beautiful quote is the perfect way to let her know just how happy you get when she smiles back. Pretty pink flowers filling up the background will brighten her day and make her want to share it with everyone!

Valentine’s Day Messages

Each year there's a special holiday that's dedicated sharing love and romance with that special someone in your life. Know which holiday I'm speaking of? If you guessed Valentine's Day then that's exactly right! Valentine's Day can throw many people into a loop because they're unsure about what to buy or say to their loved…

5 Differences Between Love and Arranged Marriages

Differences Between Love and Arranged Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who basically sign a social contract to love and care for each other forever from that day forward. While most people are used to traditional marriage where a man meets a woman, dates her for a while, and then gets married - this isn't the case for all…

5 Biggest Relationship Issues That Men Face

Relationship Issues For Men

Ladies preferences are so often discussed that many people neglect to see that men have issues too. Men may not discuss these issues as openly as their female counterparts. Yet, they unquestionably have inclinations and many would pull out of a relationship if these inclinations are not met. While it may seam difficult to comprehend…

8 Mistakes Every Man Makes While Making Out

Mistakes While Making Out

Most men think they're the best when it comes to the art of making out. But, most of them really need to accept that they definitely make some mistakes in this department. Often times women are blamed for being complicated and not easy to understand. Every man hates being unable to understand female nature, but…

12 Super Weird Things All Couples in Long-Term Relationships Do

Long Term Relationship Couples

Being in a long-term relationship with someone is a wonderful feeling that you won't know until you've experience it. You become each other’s best friends, caretakers, and partner in crime. Being with someone for a long time makes you understand the true meaning of love because you get to see all sides of them and…