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Zodiac Relationship Signs

Zodiac Relationship Signs

Photo Credit: Shutterstock What's your ideal relationship? Each and every one of us is unique in our own special way. But, statistics have shown that Zodiac signs really do have some truth behind them. Find your sign below and find out what type of person your ideal relationship could be with. Then, share this post…

Married Men Off Limits

Why You Should Stay Away From Married Men

Photo Credit: Shutterstock With millions of people on this planet there should never be a reason for you to try and get involved with a married guy. Trust me, there are plenty of great single men out there who would be lucky to date you! If you don't want to believe me that's fine. Just…

Man in Love

Is Your Man in Love?

Relationships can be tough and very tricky at times. A guy who seems into you one day might blow you off the next. Here are some simple clues that will tell you right now if a guy wants to stick around for the long run. If he does more than a couple of these things,…

In Your Heart Love Quote

In Your Heart

It's not uncommon to miss your loved one when they're away. We all miss family when we can't be near them or see them on a regular basis. This short quote is the perfect way to tell that special someone you're okay and will always be with them inside their heart. No matter how much…

funny wedding proposal videos

Funny Wedding Proposals

Wedding proposals are special events that we are sure to remember forever. But, what about when a wedding proposal goes bad? Or, when the man/woman actually rejects your proposal? Take a few minutes and watch some of the funny videos below to see exactly what happens! Keep these in mind if you plan on asking…

Martin Luther King love quote

Enemy Into Friend

Matin Luther King, Jr. is known for many different quotes throughout his life. But, this has to be one of his best in terms of loving one another. It's not really a quote about loving your boyfriend or girlfriend, though. This quote is about loving everyone, as if they were family. We should love everyone…