5 Signs That He Is Not The ONE You Should Marry

5 Signs That He Is Not The ONE You Should Marry

Weddings are a big deal and you really shouldn’t marry someone that you’re not truly in love with. There are actually some very clear signs that you can look for within your relationship to see whether your significant other is really the one worth tying the knot with, or not. Continue reading to see these 5 relationship signs that your man is NOT the one you should marry.

1. He Never Says “I Love You”
A man who really loves you will want to show off his love for you to the world. He is not reluctant to say it or express his love anytime and anywhere. If your man isn’t showing his love at all (or he never proves it with his acts) then he is not someone you should be marrying. You need someone who is always confident to say he loves you!

2. He Doesn’t Respect You
In some ways respect is more important than love. When you get into a relationship with someone, love starts with respect. If there is no respect in your relationship then you are definitely with someone you shouldn’t be getting married to. If both partners are respectful to each other then your relationship should last!

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