5 Signs That He Is Not The ONE You Should Marry

3. Your Family Doesn’t Like Him
Things can be difficult when your family doesn’t like the man you’re together with. But, if they don’t like him then you probably shouldn’t get married to him. Your parents know you better than most and will know when you’ve found someone worth taking the oath of marriage with. Take your family in confidence when you are thinking about marrying someone!

4. He Has Bad Habits
When your man has bad habits you should tell him to mend them. If he doesn’t change once you’ve talked to him, then leave him. Bad habits can create problems in your life and you will likely have no option but to go separate ways further down the road. Prevention is the best cure so keep this in mind when you’re thinking about marriage!

5. He Doesn’t Encourage You
Good men always appreciate others. Anytime it’s about their wives or partners a good man will stand by his partner and consider her problems their own. They are supportive and will encourage their partners to achieve what they always dreamed about. If your man isn’t like this then he doesn’t deserve you and you may want to think twice about marrying him!

Take these five signs into consideration anytime the word marriage comes up between you and your partner. If they portray any of these signs then have a serious discussion with them to see if they’re willing to change. If not, you may want to hold off on taking those vows.