Copy and Paste Quote

copy and paste quote

Technology has come a long way over the years, but sadly I don’t ever see it being possible to actually copy and paste someone into your bed like this relationship quote suggests. It’s unfortunate too, because sleeping next to the person you love actually has numerous great health benefits. It’s called restorative sleep and it requires a feeling of safety, security, protection and an absence of threats. During our childhood, this role is played by our parents, and as we get older that role changes to our romantic partners. So even if you’re sharing the bed with a snorer, kicker or blanket-stealer who you love, it still might have a hugely positive effect on you. Romantic partners who sleep in the same bed may live longer and be healthier than those who sleep alone. Below are three undeniable health benefits that come with sleeping next to your love:

Security – When you sleep together with your partner, you feel safe and secure. That, in turn, influences the time you spend sleeping and to what extent your sleep is healthy. It is common knowledge that couples sleep more soundly when they are together which guarantees a better quality of your sleep.
Energy – The mornings when you wake up next to the person you love, you would feel happier and more energetic. That is because you have slept very well right through the night. The calmness and security our loved person who has been sleeping next to us contribute to having more sound sleep as mentioned above.
Anxiety – Cortisol levels fall when we lay in bed with someone we love. That leads to the release of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which has been confirmed to ease a person’s anxiety. When your stress levels are low, the chance of getting heart diseases, cancer, or other severe conditions becomes lower as well.