Is Your Man in Love?

Man in Love

Relationships can be tough and very tricky at times. A guy who seems into you one day might blow you off the next. Here are some simple clues that will tell you right now if a guy wants to stick around for the long run. If he does more than a couple of these things, he’s in love with you and he wants you to know it!

1. He hangs out with your family
Going along to a partners family obligation is something that many people dread. You never know what kind of conversations are going to come up among family members and you’re generally stuck in a situation until your partner decides that it’s time to leave. If your man willingly goes along to visit your family members then he figures to be in your life for a while.

2. He asks you for fashion advice
Maybe he just thinks you’re a fashion guru. However, it’s more likely that he wants to impress you by caring about styles and outfits you like and think are cool. Men don’t let just anyone choose their outfits, so this could also be seen as a sign that he trusts you.

3. He wants to run errands with you
Nobody likes going out to run errands! But, even the most interesting people in the world have boring tasks to knock out every once in a while. If a man insists on riding along to the bank and grocery store with you then it shows that he is trying to spend as much time with you as possible.

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