Why You Should Stay Away From Married Men

Married Men Off Limits

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With millions of people on this planet there should never be a reason for you to try and get involved with a married guy. Trust me, there are plenty of great single men out there who would be lucky to date you! If you don’t want to believe me that’s fine. Just keep reading below and you’ll find 10 really important reasons to back up what I’m saying!

1) He’s never going to be ‘truly’ yours
This doesn’t imply that you are “property” or that you actually “belong” to someone. We’re all independent and entitled to an identity that is solely defined by our relationship. But, the fact is that this man will never be able to truly dedicate himself to you. No matter how happy you make him, the fact remains that he’s married. He’s got someone else to think about.

2) People are going to judge you
Whether you want to believe it or not, people talk behind your back. No matter what the situation is, people are always talking. If you’re known to be running around with a married man then the gossip around town about you probably won’t be the best. They may not know all of your situation, but they will know enough to call you a home-wrecker.