Why You Should Stay Away From Married Men

3) You can never ensure whether he’s telling you the right story
Have you ever obsessed or gone crazy over where a guy might be? Prepare yourself to feel that way on a constant basis if you plan on starting to date a married guy. Every story has two sides and the fact that your relationship is likely being kept secret it means you will never know any other side of the story aside from the one he’s telling you.

4) You will always remain a ‘secret’
It’s hard to talk with friends about a man you’re dating who’s also married. Plus, you can’t be seen with him many places in public. You can’t even take pictures together with fear of being caught! Don’t even begin to think about meeting his family and friends. He isn’t going to let anyone know about you simple because they all know he’s married.

5) You both might be in love with each other, but you’re the only who is alone
Maybe you think this married man really loves you. Maybe you think he’s the one guy who makes you feel things you never knew were possible. Still, when everything is said and done he’s going to go back home to his wife and leave you in an empty bed wishing he were there.

6) There will never come a time when you get to wake up next to him every day
This is where you need to really start thinking about the end goal of your relationship. Do you think you can accept only seeing him for short periods of time which are most likely during the day? Or, would you rather have a lasting relationship that gives you the ability to sleep next to the man of your dreams each and every night of the week?