Why You Should Stay Away From Married Men

7) You will constantly have to make excuses for him
Prepare yourself to start making up excuses like “he doesn’t actually love her” or “she never made him happy.” This is the kind of stuff you’re going to be telling friends when they question and judge exactly why you’re spending time with a man who’s already taken.

8) He will constantly have to make excuses for himself
Don’t be surprised if you hear lines like “I never felt happy with her” or “I don’t really love her.” He still has a ring on his finger and he still goes home to that woman each night. You’ll hear these excuses often if you start messing around with a married man.

9) He just isn’t faithful
If he can cheat on his current wife then what makes you think he can’t cheat on you? How are you any different from the other women that are currently in his life? If a man has made vows to someone and then breaks them it’s a clear sign that he will probably always be a cheater.

10) You deserve better
Every girl deserves someone who wouldn’t think twice about telling the entire world how much they love her. You deserve someone who hopes to spend all of his days and nights with you. Not to mention, you deserve someone who knows how to be loyal to his girlfriend.

If you didn’t think messing around with a married man was such a big deal before then maybe this has taught you something new. If there are any other reasons that come to mind and you don’t see them listed here then please comment!