Jane Austen Marriage Quote

jane austen marriage quote

Jane Austen was an amazing novelist and anything she quotes is bound to have some truth behind it. After writing over a half-dozen novels I would think she knows how a womans imagination runs pretty well. According to this short quote, a lady’s imagination runs very rapidly and jumps from admiration to love and then to matrimony in just a moment. If you are someone who believes in love at first sight then I’m sure you see some truth behind that. However, let’s not forget that Jane Austen also lived from December 16, 1775 until July 18, 1817. Times were obviously much different back then and I don’t think relationships between men and women were really the same as they are today. There are still those out there who are quick to meet a man, fall in love and want to get married. However, today we are seeing more females not wanting to make those moves so quickly – and that’s not a bad thing!