5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Doing Something On Facebook That He Shouldn't Be
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Signs Your Boyfriend Is Doing Something On Facebook He Shouldn’t Be

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Signs Your Boyfriend Is Doing Something On Facebook He Shouldn’t Be

In this new age world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a dozen other online hangouts; Relationships can start and end because of social media. These types of websites allow two people who may not have ever encountered one another to meet and potentially form a bond together. While it’s true that some people believe these relationships are not as genuine because they blossomed over the internet, I personally believe when two people have romantic feelings towards each other then a bond is formed – no matter where or how they met. The fact that two people met on a website like Facebook and decided to commit themselves to a relationship is really no different than two people meeting at a coffee shop. However, while Facebook has become well known for starting happy new relationships in the past, it has also been responsible for ending several of them as well.

Being on the world wide web allows us to get in touch with new people from all corners of the globe. Some guys think this allows them to form new relationships without their girlfriend ever needing to find out. If your boyfriend tries to get out of a situation where you caught him flirting with another girl online, then you should know better than to believe him when he says it didn’t mean anything. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to keep track of every single thing your boyfriend does when he’s online. However, there are some very simple signs you can look for to know if your man might be chatting with another woman on websites like Facebook. Continue reading to learn which signs you should be watching for!

1. The Two Of You Are Not Facebook Friends – Some couples reach a mutual agreement that they shouldn’t be friends on Facebook in order to give each other their own space. There might be another reason involved, so the key factor here is that this is something both of you agreed upon. That means if you keep sending him friend requests and he’s always making up a new excuse not to accept it, you should probably be thinking something is up.

Cheating Boyfriend on Facebook

2. He Freaks Out On A Regular Basis – Let’s say the two of you are friends on Facebook, but he has the tendency to freak out over the weirdest things. You like his picture, he asks why would you? Well, why wouldn’t you? He tells you that you’re being overly attached by liking every single thing on his wall. Sit back and ask yourself, is that really a bad thing? What’s wrong with liking a few of his posts, unless there is something more sinister going on?

3. He’s Defensive About His Facebook – If you want something to be private and don’t really feel comfortable sharing it with your partner then go ahead, but that doesn’t mean cheating on her. If your boyfriend seems really defensive about his Facebook then you need to think of the reasons why. Could it be that he has something to hide from you on there?

Cheating Boyfriend

4. You See Him Chatting With Other Women – This goes right along with sign number two above. If he’s trying to keep you away from his Facebook, odds are he’s trying to keep someone else away too. Stupid excuses won’t work and just like you, she’ll eventually start liking posts and ignoring the excuses he’s given her as well. You’ll be able to tell if she’s just a friend or not and here’s how – comments. Likes can be deceiving, but comments settle the matter once and for all.

5. Your Friends Will Confirm Your Suspicions – The truth is that sometimes our emotions cloud our judgement – especially when talking about relationships. You may even find yourself getting defensive about the truth eventually. In cases like these you’ll be happy that you’ve got friends around. They look at things way more clearly and they won’t lie to you just to spare some feelings. When they’re telling you things, listen. Remember that they’re only looking out for what is in your best interests!

Remember to never doubt your detective skills. If you suspect he might doing something on Facebook that he shouldn’t be – then there is a good possibility that he is. However, never jump to conclusions and go changing your relationship status overnight just because some random girl liked one of his pictures. If you start to see a trend and begin noticing several of the signs above then it’s probably best to put your detective hat on and check things out personally so you can end things before going any further. Facebook relationships are most definitely real relationships. Emotions are there and a breakup can be just as detrimental.

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