5 Signs You like Him Just For His Looks

5 Signs You Like Him Just For His Looks

When most young women begin to date they do so mostly based on his looks. Looks are the first thing most people go after when starting a relationship. But, it shouldn’t be the only thing!

Here are 5 signs you like him just for his looks:

1. You Fall For Him At First Sight – In the real world love at first sight doesn’t exist. If you think it is possible then you likely fell in lust. You need few dates to get to know him because you just saw a handsome hank and you found yourself irresistibly attractive towards him. This is simply you falling into lust and not into love.

Like Men for Good Looks

2. You Like To Show Him Off – If you like to show him off more than you like to actually see him then you’re totally dating him for his looks. If you find yourself accepting dates only when they involve going out with other people or attending a wedding. Chances are you really don’t like spending that much time with him.

3. You Don’t Know Anything About His Family – After a few months of dating, you should know a little about your boyfriend’s family at least their names. If the two of you have not yet gotten down to talking about the other important people in your lives, you probably aren’t that important to each other.

Do You Like Men Just for Good Looks

4. He’s Not On Your Speed Dial – Sharing and caring is essential keys of any relationship. If you both are not together on your bad and good time then you both should think about your relation. If any thing amazing happens in your life and he’s not on your speed dial, it;s the right time to end this relationship.

5. You Don’t Really Have Much Fun Together – When you had a good laugh together ? Relationships should be mostly about having fun together. If you can’t remember it, then obviously you don’t really have much fun together.

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