Make Your Man Miss You

How To Make Your Man Miss You Like Crazy

Heading out of town for a while and not really sure what’s going to happen between you and your boyfriend? When some couples separate for a while (even if it’s just a few weeks) their relationship can quickly lose steam and fade away into nothing. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to keep the romance alive and have your boyfriend (or husband) missing you like crazy while the two of you are separated. For most, absence can make the heart grow fonder. You can actually have someone become closer and more attached to you when the two of you are not together. When you miss someone, it’s a sign that you’re relationship is healthy and you’re truly emotionally invested in that person. Next time you’ll be away from your man try applying a few of the tricks below to see what kind of results you get. They’re perfect for new couples and even those who have been married for years!

Deliberately Leave Something Behind – Leaving behind a note, earring or other personal belonging will constantly remind him of you. Whether it’s in his room or car – whenever he lays eyes on it you will be the first person who comes in to his mind.

Make Him Wait Before Replying To Texts – It might be a little rude to make your man wait, but a little hesitation before replying can help make him miss you even more. Don’t pick up his calls immediately, either. Instead, let him leave a message and start longing to hear from you. Give yourself about 10 minutes before you reply to his text. Make him think about you for a few minutes before receiving your response.

Man Waiting For Text Message

Don’t Always Be Available – When you’ve won over his affection, don’t give up all of your time for him. Your man isn’t going to miss you if you’re constantly available. Rather than spending the whole weekend together, take a night off and go out with friends. Not only will it make your man miss you more, it’ll keep you sane. Don’t worry about him enjoying the free time. He may seem to enjoy time alone at first, but eventually he will crave more time with you.

Wear Unique Perfume – Anytime you’re going to be around your man, find a perfume that is sweet and subtle (and preferably one that lingers). Always remember, scent is often attached to memory. That means every time he smells that perfume he’ll be thinking of you!

Woman Putting On Perfume

Leave Him Wanting More – Spend time hanging out with your man. Be fun and exciting, but make him earn that goodbye kiss. Let him crave your infectious laughter and company. Be generous, but don’t hesitate to play some “hard to get” either. These tactics will have him craving for more of you anytime you’re away from him!

Many of the tips listed above might seem rather easy. While that might be true, you actually need to make yourself stick to them and be disciplined. Don’t give in to the temptation of answering his calls or text messages immediately or giving him a goodbye kiss on your first date. Be sure to wear your signature scent and dress up nicely when you meet up with him. Even if you’ve been dating for years, put in some effort and you’ll have him wanting more!

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