Your Guy Won’t Tell You These Secrets Unless You Ask

Everyone wants to be in a relationship. Relationships come with a responsibility to keep each other happy. Couples are out there. Sometimes you are happy and chattering with each other in a park and sometimes there are fights but they are a part of life. Men aren’t naturally gifted at expressing themselves like women, so they may keep quiet about sensitive subjects. Sometimes he really doesn’t want to tell you what’s going on in his head. They would never tell their partner about some truths of their life unless they are asked to tell. So put your mind at rest, though, here are the most common secrets men hide from their partner.

1. Fantasies in bed – Women tend to have a higher sexual desire as compared to their male counterparts. They have their own fantasies, but they never think of the fantasies men might have in their mind. Try asking him one day!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend in Bed

2. Emotional stability – Men won’t let you accept the fact that they want emotional support from you. It sounds difficult, but after getting to know him you may find that you can just sense when he needs emotional support. If not, don’t ever hesitate to ask him. No matter how much independent they may seem, they still need you when it comes to the emotional failure.

3. Fear of losing you – One of the most common things men hide is fear. While he might not come out and say it, deep down there will always be some fear of losing you inside their head. One day ask him what he would do without you and see what his response is.

Boyfriend Alone

4. Cuddle all day – Aww! it seems so adorable. Men want women to lay next to them, right in the arms and cuddle all night after all the action. He may not always express this, but try it from time to time and you will likely be surprised by the results!

Couple Cuddling