10 Signs That Say Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

When dating in today’s world you are bound to meet some really sleazy men. Despite the extremely large number of toxic guys that are out there in the dating scene, some of them are actually genuinely nice and will most likely be looking for the same thing as you. These types of men will also treat you like the princess that you really are. Have you found the right one yet? Continue reading to see if your boyfriend relays any of the important signs below. If so, the answer to that question should be a big fat YES!

reasons your boyfriend is a keeper

1. He Wants You to Befriend His Friends – Not like we’ll be at this bar until around 11 – You should stop by. Instead, he should talk about how he knows you’ll get along with his best friend and then pick a day for you to visit a local restaurant and get to know one another.

2. He Remembers Something You Mentioned in Passing – You once joked about how you like to eat peanut butter out of a jar. So when the dessert menu comes around, he zeroes in on the peanut butter sundae because he knows you’re going to like it.

3. You Actually Want to Tell Your Parents About Him – It’s not uncommon for women to wanna be careful about how much they reveal about a certain man to family members. This is usually because girls want to see how things are going to go first. If you feel too excited about this one to keep him to yourself, it’s a sign that he might be a keeper!

4. He’s Genuinely Interested in Your Job – Even if he works in a completely different industry than yours, he should want to understand exactly what you do and how you ended up there. It’s always a positive sign when your boyfriend knows what you like about you job and supports you in it.

signs your boyfriend in a keeper

5. He Checks in On You – If you tell him you’re going to have a crazy week at work and he offers to get together over the weekend instead, it could be a positive sign that he’s comfortable giving you some space. If he sends you a text message during the week to see how everything is going (or if you need anything) then he is most definitely a keeper!

6. He Tells You He Cannot Wait to See You – If he does stuff like text you on Wednesday just to say he can’t wait to see you on Friday, you’re definitely doing well. Other signs like using an emoji (even though he doesn’t normally) just to make you laugh are always good too.

7. He Cooks for You – A man who likes cooking could certainly be a keeper! Most men don’t care to get down and dirty in the kitchen. But, those who really care about the woman they’re with will do so in order to keep his girl well fed and happy. If your boyfriend likes making new dishes he thinks you’ll like then take it as a positive sign he wants to keep you happy and never hungry.

8. He Opens the Car Door For You – No matter what people tell you, chivalry is NOT dead. Whether it be a car, building or virtually anything else – He should always try to give you a hand by opening the door. If your man instinctively tries to make things easier on you by opening a door, holding stuff for you, or similar, then he’s most likely a keeper!

9. He Knows Your Favorite Spots – A good boyfriend will pay attention to his girl and should always know her favorite things to do. Maybe you like to shoot pool, visit the movies, or eat at a certain restaurant. He should know this information about you and take you there on a regular basis. If you see your man putting in the effort to take you places he knows you like, then he’s probably a keeper.

10. He Calls You Regularly – Men that you need to keep around are those who really want to talk and spend time with you. They should want to do that because you make them happy. Check to see how often your boyfriend calls you. He should love hearing your voice and not just want to communicate through text, instant messenger, or email. If he calls you at least once or twice a day to actually hear you during communication then it’s a positive sign that you should keep him around!

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