7 Things He Needs To Do Before You Call Him Your Boyfriend
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Things He Needs To Do Before You Call Him Your Boyfriend

Things He Needs To Do Before You Call Him Your Boyfriend

Boyfriend Quotes & Advice

Things He Needs To Do Before You Call Him Your Boyfriend

Calling someone your boyfriend is still a big deal for many women. But, deciding whether you’re ready to be official with someone can be tricky. You never know what type of boyfriend someone will turn out to be until you’re actually with them, and a guy can’t show you everything he’s got until he’s given the chance. However, there are a lot of guys out there who look the part, but are actually complete fakes. To be certain you’re making the right decision, there are some things which need to happen before you enter the relationship, not after.

Every girl’s relationship prerequisite list will look a bit different, but the important thing is that you know enough about a potential partner and their motives to confidently take the next step. A guy who’s going to become your boyfriend should make his intentions clear while showing that he’s ready to put in the effort and commitment which a relationship requires. More importantly, you need to make sure that you’re on the same page as the person you want to be with, otherwise the relationship is going to be full of misunderstandings. Listed below seven things a man should do before he gets the privilege of calling himself your boyfriend!

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What A Guy Needs To Do Before You Call Him Your Boyfriend

1. He Is Open To You About His Feelings – He should be someone who isn’t afraid to open up about his deepest feelings. Your boyfriend should be a guy who isn’t afraid to keep it real with you. Sometimes it can hurt to hear the truth. However, you will know that you can trust him to be honest and true to you. That’s much better than having a liar in your life who will only deceive you.

2. He Talks About The Future With You – Your potential boyfriend should want to make sure you know that he’s serious about you. He isn’t looking to engage in a casual hookup or fling with you. He genuinely likes you, and he wants to get into a serious relationship with you. Hence, he shows a willingness to talk to you about your future together.

3. He Willingly Embraces Your Faults And Imperfections – He never makes you feel bad for having certain imperfections, flaws, or shortcomings. After all, he understands that you are human, too, and that we are all prone to having blemishes on our record. He doesn’t hold your own mistakes against you. You know that you can always trust being with a guy like him.

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4. He Does What He Can To Make You Happy – A good guy does everything he can to make you happy. After all, women love a man who is willing to put their happiness first. This is why you should be grateful to have a guy in your life who tries to make you laugh and put a smile on your face. He’s a rarity these days, and is worth keeping.

5. He Treats You Like A Gentleman Would – Obviously, he should always be treating you with respect and dignity. For him to be worthy of being your boyfriend, he has to be a gentleman first. Granted, it’s so easy to fall victim to fake gestures. However, when you know that someone is a gentleman, then you know that he’s worth keeping in your life.

6. He Makes An Effort With Your Friends And Family – A good potential boyfriend will make a genuine effort to get your friends and family to like him. After all, he knows just how important these people are to you. Ultimately, he also wants to be an important man in your life. And he understands that in order to do that, he has to make room for the people who are already close to your heart.

7. He Plans Big Dates With You – He knows that he should always make the effort to plan big dates. Date nights are great because they present unique opportunities for you to get closer to each other. A good guy should be smart enough to understand this. Also, it would be a sign that he doesn’t have intentions of taking you for granted. Above all, date nights are always fun and can be one of the best ways to learn more about someone.

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Common Questions and Answers

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions from around the web and answered them for you below. This should give you get a better idea of exactly what your man should be doing before getting the privilege of being called your boyfriend!

How long before you can call him your boyfriend?

Most people say two months is a safe amount of time before you broach the subject. However, every relationship is different, so if it feels right earlier, go for it. Technically, there is no set amount of time you have to wait before you can call him your boyfriend. But, you shouldn’t jump into things too quickly. Meet his friends and family, go on dates, and build some trust before throwing yourself into a relationship.

How long should you date before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend?

As previously noted, two months is an ideal time to wait before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. The best way to truly learn about another person is to take the time needed to truly get to know them before making a commitment to them. Although there is no exact right amount of time, one to three months is ideal before making the relationship exclusive.

How long do you date before saying I love you?

Men often think about expressing feelings of love first. On average, it takes a man 97.3 days to consider saying “I love you.” It took women roughly 138 days to consider saying the words. Men didn’t just think about confessing before women, either. They were also more likely to say “I love you” first.

How many dates make it official?

Most couples will go on 5-6 dates before they start discussing a commuted relationship, and some take even longer. Don’t sweat it if you’re a few dates in and are not official yet. This timeline lines up with the 1 to 3 month timeline we talked about above.

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Make sure that whoever earns the privilege of calling themselves your boyfriend is someone worthy of it. Stay on the lookout for yourself and be your own guardian. That means safeguarding yourself from men who aren’t worthy of being in your life. When you meet someone new and go on a first date, keep things casual while getting to know them and refrain from putting heavy pressure on yourself (or him) too quickly. If he begins to display several of the characteristics listed above, it might be the time to consider making things official!

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