8 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Should Strictly Avoid
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8 Mistakes Cat Owners Should Strictly Avoid

Common Cat Owner Mistakes

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8 Mistakes Cat Owners Should Strictly Avoid

Although cats are extremely independent animals, they still need our help. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that cats are not able to tell us about their problems. Still, wise veterinarians and other owners have spent countless hours of time studying cats behavior. They’ve managed to figure out some very basic rules on universal care that can make your cat’s life brighter and happier. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes pet owners make, and how you can easily avoid them!

Common Cat Owner Mistakes

1. Buying a small bowl – Whether a kitten or full grown cat, the food bowl should be wide enough so that the cat’s whiskers don’t touch its walls. Despite what you may think, a bowl’s depth does matter: if a cat has to reach deeper to get their food, it experiences discomfort. When you cat experiences discomfort while eating, it will begin to start carrying its food out of their food. Pay attention to the way your cat eats. Some will open their mouth’s really wide in order to grab as much food as possible. If your cat eats this way you should buy them wide bowls. Otherwise, the cat could hurt its teeth.

3. Cutting a fluffy cat’s fur – Cutting fur is extremely stressful for a cat. Cut your cat’s fur only if it’s really needed. Such a case would be if your cat has hairballs or if you’re needing to prep them for an upcoming surgery. To reduce shedding of fur, try to simply groom your cat instead. A cat with cut fur won’t be able to lie in the sun for a long time as their be a higher risk of them getting sun-burnt. Even when calm, wind can make cats with cut fur feel freezing. Aggressive pets get their haircuts under general anesthesia, which can also be harmful.

Common Cat Owner Mistakes

4. Putting the food bowl right next to a water bowl – Cats prefer fresh, cold water. Wild cats always prefer to drink from either rivers or streams which is why your cat’s water should always be clean. To keep it as clean as possible, don’t put it next to the bowl of food. Otherwise, food and fur particles could easily get into the water. Some pets will even drink from the toilet or sink. This is a clear sign their water bowl is likely dirty.

5. Ignoring night snoring – Constant snoring indicates that an animal is experiencing several problems with their respiratory system. There are other signs as well, such as sores on the nose, the open mouth, and an extended neck which means your cat can’t breathe well. In such cases, it’s recommended you take your pet to the vet.

6. Getting smaller pets – It’s not uncommon for a cat owner to also have birds, lizards, fish or other pets in their home. However, experts say that cats can’t really be friends with their potential food. Sooner or later, a cat will begin to hunt its new family member. If that happens, there is really no sense in punishing your cat. For them, it’s all about their instincts.

Common Cat Owner Mistakes

7. Adopting kittens from home shelters – Watch out for home-based shelters. You have to look through as many real people’s reviews as possible if you plan on buying this way because some owners out there interbreed. Kittens may look healthy on the outside while inside they suffer from different congenital genetic diseases. These pets can often be sold for as much as half off. Also, don’t forget that sometimes these owners are simply trying to fool their customers. For example, instead of Maine Coons, they sell ordinary big kittens with similar fur and tassels on their ears. That means if you’re looking for a specific type of cat you should only visit reliable breeders.

8. Closing interior doors – Always remember that cats love freedom and they require as much open space as possible. These particular animals feel much happier when all interior doors are open and accessible. If you don’t already do this then you may notice it’s one of the reasons your cat tries to open the door when you’re in the bathroom. Don’t worry though, they’re just trying to control their territory.

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