college student emails every claudia on campus

College Student Emails Every Claudia on Campus

The tale of 22 Claudias starts with Tinder.

A Missouri State University freshman took the term “missed connection” to a whole new level by emailing every Claudia on campus, according to the Post-Dispatch. Freshman student Hayden Moll took the risk because he accidentally swiped left, instead of right, on Tinder for her. For those who don’t know, that means the freshman marketing major missed his shot at matching with the woman he was interested in. When both Tinder users swipe right on each other’s profiles, they have the chance to connect. Moll made this classic Tinder mistake and lost his shot since the dating app doesn’t show users last names in their profile. All Hayden knew about Claudia was her age and school. That made him take matters into his own hands by searching for everyone named Claudia in Missouri State’s database until he found the correct person. All Hayden asked in return was a one-word response: “left” or “right.”

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Did This College Student Agree To A Date?

Claudia’s profile said she was a Missouri State student, too, and as a public institution, everyone’s school email is public record. Hayden eventually discovered the Claudia he had been searching for: Claudia Alley, a freshman political science major from Jefferson City. She posted a screenshot of the email on Twitter and said, “THIS GUY LITERALLY EMAILED EVERY CLAUDIA AT MISSOURI STATE TO FIND ME ON TINDER.” In his email, Hayden said he and Claudia could “totally get some donuts or something but if you choose ‘left’ that’s cool too.”

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Claudia and Hayden currently have a doughnut date in the works.

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