Your Instagram Pics Might Say More About You Than You Think

There are roughly 500 million people in the world who use Instagram on a daily basis. The network stopped being a digital photo album several years ago. Now we see the popular social network used for sales, promotion of goods and services, and even research. But, whether you know it or not, photos and filters in your posts can say lots about your personality and even your health! Listed below are just a few things that your Instagram pictures might be telling the world.

What Your Instagram Photo Says

The color and filter of a photo
Scientists from one University analyzed the profiles of 179 different people (25,394 photos in total). The study focused on color as one key element of style. The scientists noticed that people in relationships posted pictures of bright colors more often than users who were single. Also, bright filters in photos are used more by extroverts and people prone to narcissism.

What Do Your Instagram Photos Say

What else can be revealed by your profile
People younger than the age of 25 are less prone to smiling in profile photos. Also, Instagram users who tag their friends in photos are less prone to loneliness. Conversely, people who post photos that are not addressed to anyone and that don’t motivate others for discussion may feel more lonely. Finally, selfies don’t always reveal narcissism. There are actually 3 groups of selfie lovers: “communicators”, “autobiographers”, and “self-publicists”. The first will usually share photos in order to get their friends and subscribers involved in a discussion. “Autobiographers” prefer to make selfies so they can capture memorable moments in life. They don’t mind others seeing their photos, but they make selfies for themselves rather than to generate likes. Finally, the “Self-publicists” like to show almost every part of their life, hoping to put themselves in a good light.

What Do Your Instagram Pictures Say