10 Texts Messages To Make Your Bae’s Day

Girls tend to be very sensitive and emotional. You can make them happy by just these simple texts. And these texts will surely make your bae’s day. If you want to bring a smile to your girl’s face first thing in the morning then go for these texts.

1. GOOD MORNING BABY – This seems stupid to some guys but most girls are into simplicity. Girls love a text just to know that they’re being thought of in the morning.

Text Messages for your Girlfriend

2. HI, BEAUTIFUL – Girls love compliments. It shows effort and lets girls know that not only you are thinking about the first thing in the morning but that you’re admiring them for their beauty.

3. I HAVE A FUN DAY PLANNED FOR US – Girls always get excited about seeing their bae. Girls love to know that their guys are looking forward to seeing them, especially if they’re the one planning the day.

Text Messages for your Wife

4. WRITE A JOKE THEN SAY P.S. GOOD MORNING – Your sense of humor is one quick way to a capture a girls heart. Guys really have to understand their senses of humor or it could wildly backfire on you.

5. I WISH I WAS WAKING UP NEXT TO YOU – When girls wake up to a text like this, their sensitive minds start spiraling into action. It is the ideal way to wake up your bae.

6. HAVE A POSITIVE AND PRODUCTIVE DAY – Showing some motivation and encouragement at the beginning of the day, especially unexpectedly, is something that is sure to brighten a girl’s day.

Text Messages for your Bae

7. I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH YOU LAST NIGHT – This type of message will certainly make her feel all the feels early in the morning.

8. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU TONIGHT – It’s normal to count down the minutes until you get to be with the person you’re crazy about, so simply send this text to your girl to let her know the importance you give her.

9. GIVE ME A CALL WHEN YOU WAKE UP – Nothing makes a girl feel more special then knowing someone is excited to chat with her. Sending her a message to call you when she wakes up will let her know that she’s wanted and someone is excited to speak with her.

10. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME A BETTER PERSON – This type of message says that you believe your bae is a good and confident person. By expressing that she makes you a better person it reminds her of how important she is to your life and most likely, the lives of others as well!

Girlfriend Text Messages

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