how to make your girlfriend feel important

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Important

It’s nice to feel important and wanted when you are in a relationship. Finding new and creative ways to make your girlfriend feel special is a great way to show her how much you care. Women, like most people in general, feel as though actions speak far louder than words. If you are struggling with how to make your girlfriend feel important then below are some great ideas.

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10 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Special

1. Classic Good Morning Text – There is nothing like waking up to a text message from your favorite person. While a simple “Hello” might start the conversation, a meaningful opener will show your girlfriend that she is truly special. Some options might include “Good morning, beautiful. I was thinking of you” or “I hope you have a wonderful morning. I can’t wait to see you tonight!” These types of messages show your girl that she was your first thought upon waking up and it’s a great way to make her feel important because she knows how much you care.

2. Remember Anniversaries of Various Dates – Being attentive to specific dates in your relationship is another excellent way to show your girl that you value the relationship. Doing so tells her that she is important to you. While remembering your actual anniversary is important, remind her of the specific days that you went on your first date or when you had your first kiss. Doing something small to acknowledge those dates go far in proving how you feel about her. It might be something as small as a single rose or even just mentioning the date in passing but letting her know that you know is perfect for sharing those feelings.

3. Wash Her Car – Taking care of a task that she hasn’t had time for is a great way to make your girl feel extra special. Washing her car is one of many examples. Everyone enjoys a nice, clean car, so this option will let her know that you care. Other options might be to take her car for an oil change (or change it yourself!), mow her grass, take out her trash, or do any chore that needs doing. She will both appreciate the gesture and feel the love that you have for her.

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4. Support Her Decisions – There is a time in every relationship where you disagree with your partners decisions. While you can have a different opinion on the matter at hand, it’s important that you still support her decision. Whether the decision is to start a new career, choose a new path of study, or even live in a tiny house by the beach, you should support her. Offering support even when you feel that she is making the wrong decision shows your girlfriend just how important she really is to you. Showing up when you do not agree on something displays how serious you feel about the relationship and makes her feel even more special to you.

5. Send Flowers Just Because – Very few women dislike receiving flowers. When those flowers are unexpected, it’s even better. Have them delivered to her work or make sure they’re at the house when she comes home. The surprise effect really does add to the experience! Giving flowers when there is no reason to (there hasn’t been an argument or an anniversary) is a nice way to show your girlfriend that you were thinking about her. She will also have a reminder of that in the form of the flowers for several days.

6. Give Her A Girls Night Out – Sometimes a girl needs a night out (or in) with her friends. Although you enjoy spending time with each other, there can be a need for some activities apart. Giving her some space to be with friends will let her know that you don’t feel the need to monopolize her time. It’s a good idea to also shoot her a quick text telling her to have fun, though! If she is going out to a bar or getting alcoholic beverages with friends, it’s even better if you can offer her and her friends a sober ride home. Ensuring that she makes it home safe will show her how important she is to you.

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7. Kiss Her Forehead – Girls love forehead kisses! While a kiss on the lips can be great, there is something about a kiss to the forehead that makes a girl feel special and loved. It is a caring gesture that carries more weight than lip kisses do in some ways. Not only does a forehead kiss signify that you care, but it also shows that you adore and like to comfort her. Few physical gestures make a girl feel more special than a forehead kiss.

8. Offer A Massage – Most girls are highly appreciative of a massage. If she is on her feet all day, consider a foot massage. If she keeps stress in her neck and shoulders, work that are instead. By massaging the area that is bothering her, you can show her that you know her well. Don’t forget to put some real effort into the massage. If it’s a brief, lazy massage, she will not feel as special. If necessary, break out the massage oil and spend a good amount of time ensuring that she gets to relax. A good massage will relieve her of stress and anxiety as well.

9. Sincere Compliments – A real compliment can go a long way to making your girlfriend feel important. Sincere compliments can be based on physical traits but often refer to personality. For example, telling your girl that you love her passion and drive in her career is a compliment that runs deep. While telling her that she looks good in her sweater is a nice thing to say, a compliment about her personality will likely stay with her for longer. When giving a sincere compliment, it’s important that you be honest about it. Honesty in compliments is often something that can be felt, which makes the compliment so much better. It isn’t just something nice to say; it is a truth that happens to be nice.

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10. Make an Effort – If you truly want your girlfriend to feel important, there are so many different ways to do so. What is most important, however, is that you truly make an effort. If you have tried these suggestions and the relationship doesn’t seem to feel the way it should, seeking some professional help can be a real asset to your relationship. If the two of you don’t feel comfortable discussing your problems with a doctor, parents can offer great relationship advice at certain times. Older people have spent much more time in this world and therefor, tend to have more knowledge and experience with the different problems life can throw our way.

Learning how to make a girl feel important doesn’t need to be an arduous journey. Show her affection by holding her and touching her the way she likes to be touched. Do things that she enjoys. Be thoughtful of her needs and more aware of her feelings. Try it tonight and see what happens!

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