Top 5 Reasons Some People Can’t Find Love

We currently live in a world that’s full of technology. Adults have dozens of different social media and dating websites out there which cater to just about any lifestyle someone could possibly have. Still however, this world still faces a huge issue with loneliness. Believe it or not, about 50% of adults have trouble finding a partner. We decided to do some investigating and try to find out what some of the reasons are which prevent people from being able to build long term and harmonious relationships that should lead to marriage. You’ll probably be surprised by some of these!

1. You idealize the relationship – We all have our own idea of the perfect relationship. One person could be inspired by a romantic movie while another might be inspired by a specific book. In the end however, we all tend to want the same thing – to make these beautiful love stories come true in real life. Sadly, illusions are often crushed by reality and that’s the case with true love. In order to form a successful relationship with someone you need to understand that your partner is a real person and not a character from some book or movie. Understand they’re going to have faults just like you and everyone else does. Be willing to compromise and accept other people for who they are and that will help guide you to holding a long term relationship.

2. No self-respect – Let me be the first to tell you that respecting both yourself and other people is going to be the base for building any type of relationship – including the romantic kind. Can you really love someone else when you don’t even love yourself? The only type of relationship that will lead to is one based on feelings of guilt which does absolutely nothing for either partner. Find your own internal support by thinking about achievements you’ve had in things like hobbies, school and sports. Understand your value and don’t let anyone doubt your importance. Once you have love and confidence in yourself doing the same for others will be easy.

Trouble Finding Love

3. You can’t forgive – Everyone makes mistakes and I’m sure you have as well. Still, there are times you can make a mistake and never gain back all the trust you once had no matter what you changes you make. Often times we’re actually too strict when judging other people and not strict enough when evaluating ourselves. Don’t try and force yourself to accept things you don’t agree with. At the same time, it can be beneficial to always try and withhold judgement. Even if you feel extremely offended by something your partner just did or said, if you’re invested in the relationship then give them another chance.

4. You’re not ready for a relationship – One big problem with romantic movies and books is that it puts the notion in peoples head that a couple being in love is what’s needed to experience ultimate happiness and joy. The truth is, some people need to deal with more pressing concerns before the worry about building a new relationship. If you feel like you need to be alone in order to fix whatever is wrong then it’s perfectly okay. As mentioned above, you need to make sure you’ve found happiness within yourself and your own life before you should start a new relationship. Getting over a breakup or loss in your family are a couple of other reasons someone might not feel ready to start a new relationship.

Finding True Love

5. You’re fixated on yourself – One of the most common reasons couples call it quits is because at least one of them is egotistical. If someone is only thinking about themselves and their own needs, it’s quickly going to kill the love within the relationship. Even if someone thinks they’re doing something good for the couple, relationships don’t work when one person is only focused on themselves. These types of people need to understand the world doesn’t revolve around them and that type of behavior will never work in a relationship.