6 Signs You Are Too Picky About Guys

When it comes to searching for the perfect man sharing similar hobbies should be one of the first expectations. However, some girls have extremely high standards when it comes to looking for Mr. Right. That probably explains why their evenings are continuously lonely and uneventful. Continue reading to see if you have any of the six signs that might signal you’re being way too picky about guys!

1. You refuse those guys who have a goofy snort – Okay, goofy and silly laughs can get annoying from time to time. Still, it’s not reason not to give someone a chance. If you’re not willing to go out with a guy just because of a goofy laugh then you may be a little too picky!

2. You haven’t been in a long relationship in forever – If you have gone on countless first dates and it occurs to you that you’ve never been in a constant long term relationship in years, you have to consider lowering your requirements a bit.

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3. You turn down all people who call or text too soon – Just because he calls or texts you one day after meeting doesn’t mean he’s desperate. Some guys would rather chat and see you again sooner as opposed to later. Don’t worry about the whole ‘give it a day or two’ thing. If you do then you are most likely being a bit too picky!

4. You reject any guy who is a few minutes late for the first date – Guys can be late for numerous reasons, just like girls can. If a guy shows up a few minutes late to your planned date then don’t reject him for that reason alone. Cut him a break and see how your date goes rather than starting things on a bad note. If you’re someone who does this then you’re definitely too picky about the men you date!

5. You expect on the spot chemistry – Sometimes people click when first meeting and other times it takes a date or two. Don’t put someone off just because you don’t seam to click on the very first date. Chat and mingle a time or two before deciding if you think the relationship is worth going further in or not. Girls who expect chemistry right away every single time are definitely expecting too much!

6. They should have your taste in music and movies – Being different is good for relationships. Your partner may be able to turn you onto something you never thought you would have liked before. Never dismiss a man you’re dating just because he doesn’t have the same taste in music or movies. Instead, embrace it and see what you can get out of it!

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