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7 Things You Feel When You Love The Right Person

Falling in love with the right person is one of the best feelings in the world. Although it’s not uncommon to find yourself falling in love (or simply just lust) with the wrong person once or twice to start, Mr. Right is sure to come around sooner or later. When you finally meet the guy that’s right for you then you will realize it was all really worth the wait. Everything you thought you knew about love and relationships will be turned on its head and you’ll look at it a completely different way. Here are some things you’ll feel when you know it’s true love!

1. You Will Feel Surprised – Some will tell you the primary emotion they feel when meeting their soulmate is shock. It may sound crazy, but people will truly be thinking that person never really existed. After spending years in different relationships and sometimes even feeling like you wanted to stay single forever – it really can be a shocking moment. Falling in love with the right person will leave you feeling surprised like you didn’t see it coming. You’ll marvel at the fact that someone so perfect for you even exists – let alone loves as much as they do, too.

True Love

2. You Will Feel Safe – Although we’re all responsible for our own well-being, you’ll never really know what feeling “safe” means until you’ve met that special someone. When just dating women sometimes don’t express how they’re really feeling. Some may do it with the fear of being judged or criticized. That won’t happen when you’re with your soulmate. You’ll want to share everything with them. Feeling safer will lead you to open up more and be a better communicator.

3. You Will Feel Constantly Happy – This one is probably the most obvious of them all. Still, it’s important to remember because some relationships may just leave you feeling momentarily excited. With true love you’ll feel happy and joyful almost every second. This type of happy isn’t based on the ups and downs of rest or a world of paying bills and going to work. Instead, it’s based on knowing that you’ve found a great partner in life. If you feel an underlying happiness no matter what is going on around you, you’ll know it’s right.

4. You Will Feel More Mature – If you’re not a fan of commitment then you’re going to have a difficult time making things work in a committed relationship. Stonewalling your boyfriend or girlfriend, not listening during serious discussions and doing anything else to find a way out is never a good sign you’re with the right person. If you’ve found the person who’s right for you then you’ll feel patience with a love for talks and discussions. You’ll also feel capable of developing yourself into a sensible grown-up. If you’re falling in love with the right person, you’ll feel it in the way you open up and respond to them.

5. You Will Feel Valued – That special man or woman in your life should make you feel valued. Like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to them! Although sometimes things might not always be cheesy, no day should go by where he (or she) isn’t reminding you that they love and value you. Whether it’s in words or actions, the person who’s right for you will take every moment they can to express how much they cherish you. That perfect someone will constantly let you know how special you are to them, and how easy it was for them to fall in love with you, too.

Your True Love

6. You Will Feel Free – Relationships should never be constricting. Just because you get into a relationship with someone does not mean your personal freedom has to end. If that’s how you feel then it’s a clear sign you’re not in the right relationship. In true love you should actually feel more free than ever before! Since you know that special someone is by your side no matter what, you can feel free to explore the world in whatever way you want. You’ll know that you have always a person to call at home, regardless of where you go or what you do. In the right relationship, the love will feel like it lifts you up, helping you to experience more out of life.

7. You Will Feel Full Of Hope – Once you’ve fallen in love with the right person you’ll feel hope. Hopefully about the future, a family, marriage, and everything else that comes with life. It’s a unique sense of joy you’ll only feel when you’re falling in love with that special someone. Enjoy it – it’s one of the best feelings in the entire world.

Perfect Relationship

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