How to Make A Man See You As His One True Love

So, you’ve been seeing this cute guy for a few months now and things are progressing well. You’ve both admitted that you love each other and you’re both committed to the relationship. Now, you might be on a mission to make sure he sees you as wife material. But, how does one accomplish that type of goal? Aside from giving him hints while walking past the jewelry store, there are several other ways to “brand” yourself as the perfect wife. Don’t worry about the need of pretending to be someone who you’re really not – that will definitely turn men off! Instead, read below to learn a few ways you can make him see that you’re wife material.

wedding couple

1. Reach Him on a Deeper Level – What can make you irreplaceable in the eyes of your boyfriend? The ability to reach deep into the depths of who he is and inspire him. Basically, you really need to be able to offer him something more than good kisses and back rubs. If you want him to treat you as something important in his life then give him something lots of other woman can’t – a partner who wants to know everything about him. Men have been known to have unconscious fears in life that their contribution to the world is pointless, meaningless, and insignificant. At the same time, every man out there has different hopes, dreams, and goals in life. In order for a man to feel truly alive and truly fulfilled, he needs to be pursuing his deepest aspiration and his “mission” in life. Your ultimate gift as a woman is to inspire him to do that, to realize his ultimate potential as a man.

2. Focus on Exclusivity – Whether the two of you have only been together for a few months or several years, make sure that he always values you as a prize to be won and cherished rather than just “good enough” until something better comes along. If you’re still seeing other people then stop because it’s time to show that you’re serious about this guy. If he’s the one seeing other people then tell him to stop as well. Let him know that you’ve decided to be exclusive and that you hope he will too because you believe this relationship is really going somewhere. If the two of you haven’t already been intimate then consider waiting until he agrees to be exclusive. Whether you want to admit it or not, men may not see a woman who’s eager to hop in the sack too soon as wife material.

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3. Open Up to Him – Couples that are married will eventually know practically everything about one another. They’ve shared their secrets, insecurities, and a lifetime of stories with each other. You might not be to that point just yet in your relationship, but it’s something that you will definitely work up to. Start by opening up to your boyfriend. Be a little vulnerable to him. After all, you know that you can trust him so it makes perfect sense to share whatever is on your mind. Realize that when you make the decision to open up to your boyfriend, you also create a space for him to open up to you. Trust me, that isn’t easy for most guys out there! A woman who is marriage material willingly creates this space for the two of you to share your emotions. She will listen without judgement, and share without fear.

4. Attraction – The man that you’re into needs to be attracted to you. This is not some type of radical claim, either. It’s a simple fact that if he doesn’t feel a sense of biological or physical attraction to you, then nothing else I say will really matter very much. His physical attraction isn’t the end-all be-all of his desire to wanna be with you, but it certainly is a required foundation. Don’t think you need to be a beauty queen, though. Attraction comes in many different ways and simple things like being positive can give you swagger, which can lead to attraction. Many women kill their attractiveness by walking around with insecurities and low self-esteem because they feel that their appearance is flawed. In the long run, your self-doubt will be far more unattractive. Nobody is perfect and trust me, no man demands or expects perfection. But, those who own their imperfections are massively more attractive than those who do not or cannot. Own it!

5. Challenge Him – It’s the twenty-first century and men today don’t want a timid housewife that’s going to have dinner on the table at six and rush to go and get him a cold brew. The type of women that men consider marriage material today are ones whom aren’t afraid to speak their mind and occasionally challenge him. If you’re the type of girl who will call others out when they say (or do) something out of line, don’t ever try to tamp that down in an effort to make your man love you more. When your true nature comes out it may shock him at first, but in the end he’ll respect you for being yourself. Trust me, if he can’t handle that then he’s not the right guy for you! So, what does it mean to “challenge” him? If he makes an offensive joke, tell him it’s not okay. If you disagree with him, tell him. It doesn’t mean you will end up in an argument, but he should know that your thoughts differ from his own. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!