Mistakes That Prevent You From Finding The One

People meet, fall in love, and then get married. It’s usually the same old simple story that happens to humans every single day. Except for some. Those who constantly force themselves to go out on dates, yet always seem to have trouble meeting “the one” often do things which make them less attractive without even knowing it. In fact, science has revealed some cold and harsh facts about certain things that can make people less attractive. By learning what it is that most people don’t like, you’ll be able to practice NOT doing them to increase your chances of really finding true love. Listed below are 7 crucial mistakes that could prevent you (or someone you know) from finding “the one.” Refrain from making these mistakes and you will increase your chances of discovering true love once and for all!

7. You beam with happiness (or not)

Crucial Mistakes Preventing From Finding True Love

One study (with 1,000 participants) indicated that happiness was reported to benefit the attractiveness of women, but not men. Instead, men were found to be most attractive when they looked proud.

6. You enjoy chit-chatting

mistakes that prevent you from finding true love

Do you love complaining about the weather or discussing current news with strangers? If so, scientists say you could be unattractive. Instead, it’s better to begin discussing deeper topics which will help you feel more connected and interested in the other person. This also means your chances of falling in love will increase.

5. You believe that sleep is for the weak

Crucial Mistakes Preventing From Finding True Love

Ever wondered how “Sleeping Beauty” got her name? It would seem the name likely came from her sleeping a lot. You should already know the consequences of not getting enough sleep – red eyes, dark circles under them, puffy face, and pale skin. Ugh. No wonder many different studies have shown that sleep-deprived people are always considered less attractive. Not to mention, they also look less healthy. That means it’s important for you to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night in order to maintain your attractiveness.

4. You don’t giggle after jokes

Crucial Mistakes Preventing From Finding True Love

Think about the situations when somebody told a joke and everyone broke out into laughter, except one person. That person probably doesn’t enjoy a sense of humor, and it’s unattractive. Several studies have shown that both men and women tend to enjoy the company of humorous people more. A sense of humor is a powerful source of attractiveness, and, luckily, it can be developed.

3. You are worn down

Crucial Mistakes Preventing From Finding True Love

If being stressed out doesn’t make you feel bad enough already, some studies may give you some additional reasons to finally chill out. It seems that rough life conditions can make us less attractive, and that shouldn’t be a big surprise. Researchers in one study focused their attention on women only and suggested that the result could be explained by evolution. In stressful situations, the level of their stress hormones increases and it can somehow indicate that women are not healthy or fertile enough.

2. You’re not humble

Crucial Mistakes Preventing From Finding True Love

Have a look at the following statements: “I’m a pretty good student, but not a bookworm” and “I’m smart, but I don’t like the attention” and “I’m a really good student and pretty smart, but definitely not a nerd or bookworm. I guess it just comes naturally.” Now, which of these statements would you feel more sympathy toward? Certain studies have suggested that in descriptions and personality assessments like this humble people are reported to be more attractive than arrogant ones. So, watch what you say if you’ve spotted a cutie nearby.

1. You play too hard to get

Crucial Mistakes Preventing From Finding True Love

Many women believe that “playing hard to get” is the magical strategy that will raise a man’s interest. However, some relationship studies show that you have to know when to stop playing hard to get if you really want someone. People are more likely to consider others attractive if they have no problem understanding their emotions.