Cute Squirrels Photographed

Photographer Followed Squirrels Daily For 6 Years And Here Are 8 Of His Best Photos

People do crazy things sometimes. That’s exactly what lots of people will think after reading this story! An international photographer who is Dutch/Swedish (and specializing in photographing Red squirrels) decided to follow around several squirrels for years and take different pictures of them along the way. So, how did the story come to be?

The photographer has had his work published wide abroad in newspapers, books, calendars, television, and magazines. Six years ago there was a fox standing on his doorstep. I immediately rushed inside to fetch some meat and came to find that the fox would come back daily to get more food. He then used that as an opportunity to take some photos. By the end of the second week, the fox would actually come up to the balcony where it would then interact with different props he used for photography. Before too long other animals like a Russian bird were paying him a visit and continuing to do so daily. Next thing he knows, his balcony had become a studio filled with nature props, cameras, mirrors, and all sorts of other items. The bird would follow the photographer and the photographer would follow the bird with his camera as it searched for hidden food in scenes that he had created. Some of those photos were even awarded and published!

Eventually, red squirrels started to appear and still come by his studio daily. Little did he know back then that it would soon become his living. Since last year the photographer has been organizing squirrel workshops at his home. These workshops occur twice a year when the young squirrels arrive, and a maximum of just 3 participants can join the 5-day workshop. Scroll down to see a collection of his top 8 pictures gathered in that time.

Squirrel Resting on Mushroom
Squirrel Drinking Water
Squirrel Driving Car
Squirrel on a Plant
Squirrels and Shopping Carts
Squirrel Smelling a Flower
Squirrels Playing
Squirrel Taking a Picture

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