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Photographer Followed Squirrels Daily For 6 Years And Here Are 8 Of His Best Photos

Geert Weggen is a Dutch/Swedish photographer who specializes in animal photography. He’s had work published wide abroad in newspapers, books, calendars, television, and even magazines. His journey into nature and photography started over six years ago when he met a beautiful fox on his doorstep. Geert bought the fox some meat and the two immediately became friends. The fox would come back to visit him daily for more food and Geert decided he could use it as an opportunity to capture her beauty on camera.

Geert photographing squirrel

Soon after he turned his balcony into an outdoor studio filled with props, cameras and mirrors for new animal visitors to use while becoming the subjects of his photos. Some of his photogenic friends who would frequent the balcony were foxes, Russian birds, and red squirrels. At the time, Geert had no idea this would eventually become his living. Now he organizes squirrel photography workshops at his home where it all began twice per year when the squirrels arrive. His workshops are limited to a maximum of only three participants and goes for five days. Scroll down to see a collection of his works featuring the adorable red squirrels.

Cutest Squirrel Pictures

squirrels playing

squirrel smelling flower

His photographs have been recognized and awarded internationally, and you can probably understand why when looking at the amazing pictures he managed to get! The red squirrels appear to be really happy and these photographs will improve your mood right away. Honestly, who can’t look at these pictures and not smile right away?

squirrel shopping carts

squirrel on a plant

He followed these red squirrels daily for six years and says they became his friends. If you think about it, some humans don’t even remain friends with each other for that long! Often times the squirrels move too quickly to notice the small details during shooting. The one below was published as a Swedish postcard. Geert also states that all photos come directly out of the lens and there is no Photoshop used to bring in new elements.

squirrel drinking water

squirrel and mushroom

These are some of Weggen’s best photographs and they show how squirrels interacted with the little playground he crafted with his own two hands for these playful creatures. If you want to see more of his work, follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

squirrel driving car

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