the 5 stages of love

The 5 Stages of Love

Experts have concluded that most relationships go through five different stages. These stages begin with new love and end at commitment. However, there is one particular stage along the way that experts consider to be extremely crucial for couples to be fully committed with one another. Continue reading through this article to learn more about the 5 stages of love, then try to determine where your relationship is currently at. Couples that make it past stage 3 have the best chances for a long and happy life with their partner!

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The 5 Stages Of Love

Stage 1: New Love – When you first meet someone special the relationship enters what’s known as the honeymoon phase. In this phase you’re likely to have butterflies every time you lay eyes on your new love. Every touch is electric and every kiss is endless. You’ll be looking down at your phone every couple of minutes to see if you’ve received a text message from them. Deep inside you know that it may look silly, but who cares. Well, my dear, you are clearly in love. Capture in your mind how it feels right now, you may need it later to refresh your memory.

Stage 2: Settling Down – By this point you know things are serious and you’re ready to commit. This is the stage when two people are likely to move in together and may start to realize that real life isn’t always giggling and flirting. You still want to spend as much time as possible with your partner and share thoughts or feelings with them. However, routine starts to muddy the waters a bit. It’s like finding the difference between traveling and immigration, the destination is the same, but the responsibilities are totally different. Don’t lose that twinkle between the two of you! Dedicate time for just the two of you as a couple. It’s important for couples in this stage to keep a close bond with each other.

Stage 3: Routine and Disappointment Takes Place – You still have strong feelings for your other half, but something seems to be different. You’re not as excited about spending every minute together like you once were. Everyday responsibilities like work, bills, commitments, and housework get in the way of romance. Sometimes you might even feel trapped in this routine, asking yourself if you made the right choice. This stage is the most dangerous in relationships and if you manage to cross it together, there’s a good chance the hardest part is now over. Work on keeping the spark alive, your partner is still the same person you initially fell in love with. Try to remember the feelings you had from the days when you were just dating.

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Stage 4: Stability – In this stage you will feel very secure in your relationship. You’re finally starting to see each other for who you really are. You may not feel like you’re floating on the clouds as you did in the first stage, but the third stage of misery is finally over. You’ve also learned to give each other some space while understanding your partner may have their own dislikes and hobbies. This is the point where you can both stay who you are as individuals and still keep a strong bond as a couple.

Stage 5: Commitment – If you have managed to make it this far, congrats! You’ve become a real long-term couple and team. You no longer miss the first romantic stage because you are very comfortable with your relationship and can’t imagine it being any different. You’ve also accepted that we are all perfect in our own imperfections.

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