Understanding Relationships: 10 Clear Signs He's Not Over His Ex
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10 Signs a Man is Not Over His Ex

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10 Signs a Man is Not Over His Ex

Dating can be thrilling, terrifying, heartwarming and perplexing all at the same time. Even if you find the person of your dreams, that niggling feeling that says they might still have feelings for someone else might lingering: is he really over his ex? To help ease your mind about this question and reveal its answer. Let’s dive into some telltale signs but keep in mind they don’t define your relationship – let’s just decode these clues together.

1. He Mentions Her… A Lot

Of course, everyone has a past, and occasionally discussing an ex is normal – but if his conversations frequently reference “my ex this and “my ex that,” this could be a telltale sign he hasn’t fully moved on yet. Frequency should be taken into consideration here; simply mentioning her once or twice should not mean anything at this stage.

2. He Compares You to Her

If someone frequently references how “my ex used to…” or compares you with their former flame, this could indicate they’re unconsciously comparing you. Everyone deserves to be valued for who they are rather than how they compare with an ex.

3. He Stalks Her on Social Media

Seeing them checking his ex’s social media can be an alarm bell. While curiosity about an ex is natural, obsessively wanting to know her whereabouts might indicate they haven’t moved on from them yet.

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4. He Gets Upset About Her New Relationships

Does he seem disturbed or agitated when he hears about his ex’s new relationships? If he’s truly over her, her romantic life shouldn’t deeply affect him.

5. He Keeps Mementos From Their Relationship

Signs that someone may be holding onto the past could include finding photos tucked into his wallet, her old sweater in his closet and refusing to take off a charm bracelet she gave him as gifts from an ex. While keeping mementos can be therapeutic in certain instances, overvaluing memorabilia could indicate they’re holding on too tightly.

6. He Talks About Their Good Times

Reminiscing about past relationships is normal, but if he frequently dwells on their good times, he might still be living in the past. This could mean he’s not ready for a new relationship.

7. He Avoids Taking You to “Their” Places

If he avoids certain places because they remind him of her, he might still be emotionally connected to his past relationship. Moving on means being able to create new memories without being burdened by the old.

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8. He Gets Emotional When Discussing Her

If he gets overly emotional when discussing their former partner, whether that means anger, sadness or bitterness–when discussing them it could indicate unresolved emotions which prevent him from investing fully into your relationship.

9. He’s Still Close to Her Family or Friends

Remaining friendly with an ex or their family may not necessarily be seen as negative; however, if he spends significant time with them and it makes you uncomfortable it might be worthwhile having a conversation.

10. Your Gut Feeling Says So

Sometimes you just know. If your intuition is sounding alarm bells, listen to it – don’t hesitate to seek clarification about your relationship if needed.

Note that these signs don’t serve as definitive evidence that your partner hasn’t moved on from his or her previous relationship; different people deal with breakups differently, and these behaviors could simply be part of his healing process. But if these behaviors are causing distress in your relationship, it’s essential that both of you engage in an honest discussion about how they make you feel.

Remind yourself that everyone has a past, but the present matters more than anything else. Appreciate what your relationship has become now rather than dwelling on what was. Trust, communication and understanding are cornerstones of successful love relationships – don’t forget – you got this!

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