4 Reasons Why Women Lie In Relationships
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4 Reasons Why Women Lie In Relationships

reasons why women lie in relationships

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4 Reasons Why Women Lie In Relationships

No matter what the reason might be, nobody likes being lied to. Yet, lying is more common in relationships than you may think. In a perfect world, you and your partner would be super honest with each other about everything. But in reality, you both probably fudge the truth a little here and there. Now, before you get freaked out about the idea that lying is common in relationships, it’s important to know that while little white lies happen fairly often, the bigger lies aren’t nearly as common. Still, you should also know that all lies, from little white untruths to serious deceit, can be detrimental to a relationship.

Much like men, women can lie for a variety of different reasons and telling a little fib here and there doesn’t make you a bad person. But, there’s a pretty broad spectrum when it comes to lying. Listed below are four of the most common reasons why women lie in relationships.

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Reasons Why Women Lie

1. To Test You – Some women lie to test you. She might come up with some random story about her past relationship just to see how you react. This could let her know what to tell you (and what not to tell you) in future conversations you have with each other. She might say that she’s going out to dinner with an ex-boyfriend because she wants to see if you get jealous, upset or try to stop her. If you react the wrong way then she might not tell you a other things later on.

2. To Spare Your Feelings – If there is something about you that your girlfriend doesn’t like, she may think it’s a good idea to keep you in the dark about it. Although this could be considered a lie with a generous heart, if she never tells you then how could you know to try and fix it? Instead, it could make her resent you which could be the end of your relationship.

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3. To Save Herself – When the relationship is new, some women lie because they don’t completely trust you and are worried that if they tell you something personal, you could use that against them later on. Women don’t like feeling vulnerable in front of their man and although this type of white lie is harmless, it’s still a bad habit to have. As she begins to trust you more, these types of lies should fade away naturally.

4. To Make Herself Look Good – This type of lie is often told because a girl wants to make herself seem more glamorous or successful then she really is. Although it might seem like a harmless attempt to make people like her, it can be a sign of a more devious personality. If she is willing to lie about these types of things, what else might she be capable of lying about?

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Common Questions and Answers

Understanding why your girlfriend or another woman lied to you can be difficult. We’ve searched the internet for some of the most common questions asked about this topic and answered them in greater detail for you below. This should help you better understand exactly why women lie and what it means when your partner lies to you. Remember, lies come in many different shapes and sizes and some aren’t as harmful as others.

Why would a girl lie to her boyfriend?

Women can lie for several different reasons, but sometimes it comes from a place of insecurity or fear. Most of the time, women tell a lie because they either want to test you, spare your feelings, or because they want to try and make themselves look good. Women also lie when they don’t trust you enough and want to prevent telling you something that you might use against them later.

Who lies more in a relationship?

According to one British study, men lie more than their partners. This study found that one in 10 men claimed to lie regularly. It also found the one in three of the 2,000 adults questioned admitted that the lies they tell their partner are serious. Five of the top 20 lies told to their partners were related to infidelity.

What to do when your girlfriend is lying to you?

Depending on the depth and severity of the lie, you should confront her about it and see if she confesses. Tell her that you know she’s lying if she doesn’t admit it. If you have proof that she is lying, you can choose to show her. Otherwise, just tell her you know the truth. Try not to come off too angry and just state it as a fact so she will have a more difficult time refuting it to you.

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Although there are some situations where you might seem to have a legitimate reason for lying, it’s still an unhealthy and damaging habit. Unlike men, who lie mostly to get something they want (like intimacy or a promotion), women lie mostly to hide the truth. They lie to protect themselves and other women. Still, one study found that when women act on their own behalf, they maintain higher ethical standards than men. If a woman, such as your wife or girlfriend, has told you a white lie or two then it’s probably nothing you should be too worried about. But, you should probably reevaluate any relationship where dishonesty is involved on a regular basis.

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