why women lie

4 Reasons Why Women Lie

No matter what the reason might be, nobody likes being lied to. Yet, lying is more common in relationships than you may think. Most of us are guilty of telling a little white lie every now and then, but some couples lie frequently to each other which can be extremely hurtful, harmful and destructive. Listed below are four of the common reason women will lie to men.

1. To Test You – Some women may lie to test you. She could cook up a story about a past relationship to see how you react. This could let her know what to tell you (and what not to tell you) in future conversations. Maybe she’ll tell you that she’s going out to dinner with an ex-boyfriend to see if you get jealous, mad or try to stop her. If you react the wrong way then she might not tell you a variety of things later on.

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2. To Spare Your Feelings – If there is something about you that your girlfriend doesn’t like, she may think it’s a good idea to keep you in the dark about it. Although this could be considered a lie with a generous heart, if she never tells you then how could you know to try and fix it? Instead, it could make her resent you which could be the end of your relationship.

3. To Save Herself – Some women lie in new relationships because they may not trust you and is worried that if she tells you something personal, you might use that against her later. Women don’t like to feel vulnerable in front of their man. These kinds of white lies are usually harmless, but it’s still a bad habit and she should eventually let her guard down with a feeling that she does not need to lie about any type of person questions.

4. To Make Herself Look Good – This type of lie is often told because a girl wants to make herself seem more glamorous or successful then she really is. Although it might seem like a harmless attempt to make people like her, it can be a sign of a more devious personality.

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Although there can be times where you might seem to have a legitimate reason for lying, it’s still an unhealthy and damaging habit. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to reevaluate any relationship where dishonesty has been involved.

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