8 Signs Your Man is Dad Material

8 Signs That Your Man Is Going To Make A Great Father

I’m pretty sure that when you initially started dating your partner the two of you did not sit down and analyze what you each felt the standards were of being a good father. There was likely no list that you each went through, checking off the good and bad. It’s perfectly okay because most couples are the same way. However, these attributes can actually differ significantly from one person to another, and you probably want to choose a man who possesses decent values and beliefs because those same values will carry through into his role as a father. But, what are the signs to look for when determining if your man would make a good father or not? The article below will cover just that! Whether you’re dating or married, look over the eight signs below to see if your man is dad material.

1. He Pays Full Attention – According to some studies, giving attention is one sign of being a good father. It means that your man can devote necessary quality time with his children without being easily distracted.

2. Keeping Promises – It can be hard to keep some of the promises you make in today’s fast-pace world. But, one characteristic of a man who is sure to make a good father is a man who always sticks to his word.

The Signs of a Good Father

3. He’s Patient – Before a child can express themselves in an easy-to-understand way, it can be difficult to decipher what it is they need. A good father won’t lose his cool when his kid starts crying in the middle of the night or throws a tantrum inside the store.

4. He’s Open-Minded – When you child grows up and begins to make their own personal life choices, he needs to be open-minded enough to let them live authentically. An open-minded man will likely love their child unconditionally – even if they don’t turn out exactly the way they may have wanted.

5. In Touch With His Inner Dork – If your man can be a goofball and nerd out about a variety of different topics, that’s probably a sign that he’ll be able to get into (and maybe even debate) kid-centric shows and films.

6. Hard To Gross Out – If your man isn’t easily grossed out then he will probably do alright as a father. Daddyhood is not for the faint of heart, or stomach. Any man who can calmly wipe radioactive-green projectile poo from his cheek and go right along with singing “The Wheels on the Bus” is probably in pretty good shape.

7. Values Work-Life Balance – When push comes to shove, you’re likely gonna want a guy who can tear himself away from his email long enough to read his kids a bedtime story. Good fathers are able to separate their work life from their family time.

Signs of a Good Father

8. He Can De-Escalate Conflict – Men who are able to De-escalate conflicts often make good fathers because they’ll likely remain calm and cool when the kids go bonkers. You can usually see this sign if your man is good at calming you down whenever you’re upset or freaking out about something.

Now, how many of these does your boyfriend or husband fit into? After reviewing these eight characteristics of a good father you probably have some idea about how good (or bad) your man would be. If you haven’t already, consider sitting down and discussing the topic with him. Ask what types of values he wants his children to have and how he would like to raise them. You might agree with his answers or they might stun you. Either way, it’ll give you a better picture on what to expect should the two of you reach that stage in your relationship!

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