6 Personality Traits That Attract Women

Personality Traits That Attract Women

We all know that women can be easily attracted to men who are rich, a celebrity, or tall and handsome. However, there are quite a few natural personality traits men can put off when interacting with women to make them fall in love without even knowing it!

1. The Head Tilt
Have you ever wondered why men can look ridiculous when intimidating the same selfie pose as a female? One study from the University of Newcastle might just explain the answer. They took a variety of simulated faces from men and women tilted them slightly upward and downward. When doing so, they discovered female participants viewing photos found the men with their heads tilted upward more attractive than when they were tilted down. Why you ask? Researchers believe men are normally viewed from below since women tend to be shorter. A head tilt that mimics the way a face looks from down below has become much more attractive to the ladies.

2. The Brooding Look
A previous study conducted at the University of British Columbia found that men who want to get lucky should not smile. After researchers conducted a series of studies over thousands of participants regarding the sexual attractiveness of photos, they found that smiling/happy men fared worse off than all others. The most attractive look were those looking proud, but even those who looked ashamed scored higher than those who smiled.

3. Wearing Red
Whether you want to believe it or not, something as small as the color of your shirt could effect your chances with a woman. Just like peacocks strut their stuff in the wild, a series of small experiments that were published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology showed that women find men more attractive when they are wearing red, or are shown in front of a red background. The reason for this could be simple – red is associated with power and masculinity — and partially evolutionary, since red signals sex for many animals. But, if you think it’s time to go out and start buying all red clothes then think again because red did not make men appear any more likable, agreeable, or extroverted.

4. An Androgynous Face
A small study conducted at Brunel University London surveyed 962 people from 12 different countries to investigate their preferences for masculine and feminine faces. They found that the preference for masculine males and feminine females seems to be a result of more urban environments. In less populated areas people tended to prefer faces that were more androgynous.

5. Your Hands
It happens to be one of the smallest body parts we have, but the ring finger sure does say allot about people. That’s because the size ratio between our fourth and second fingers (of the right hand in particular) is a decent indicator of how long a man was exposed to testosterone in the womb. The larger the difference in length, the more exposure he had. The University of Geneva performed another study where over 80 women evaluated men’s attractiveness based on various traits. Men with bigger finger length discrepancies were found to be more facially attractive but they were not considered especially masculine. Women did not show any preference for longer-fingered men based on their odor or voices.

6. Facial Hair
Hair preferences are complicated for both men and women. Past research has shown that women tend to be more attracted to men with less body hair. It’s even been hypothesized that they evolved this preference to avoid parasites but this preference prevails regardless of parasite threat. But, facial hair is a different story. Overall, a little bit of stubble is a big hit among both sexes. Attraction to beards and clean-shaven faces is upped when they are uncommon. In a research experiment performed by the University of New South Wales there were nearly 1500 women and around 200 men viewing photos of guys with various facial hairstyles. They judged both beards and clean faces as more attractive when fewer people in the photo sets had them.

Now that you know six different natural traits that can attract more women feel free to try them out yourself. Single men can try implementing one or two of these traits the next time they’re interacting with women and see if there is any difference. You may be surprised how many extra dates you can find with just a few smaller changes to our personalities!