13 Things That Men Secretly Want In Women But Won’t Admit
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13 Things That Men Secretly Want In Women But Won’t Admit

Things Men Secretly Want In Women

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13 Things That Men Secretly Want In Women But Won’t Admit

It can be a little confusing to understand what men really look for in a woman. More specifically, it can sometimes be hard to know what men actually find attractive. Most are taught to bottle up emotions and just play the man’s role. However, I’m sure most of you are wanting to get a little deeper than that! Listed below are some characteristics that guys tend to find most valuable in a girl of interest.

1. Work On Yourself
A guy can’t help it when he sees a girl who is focused on bettering herself. She knows what she’s about and how she wants her life to be designed and built. So first and foremost, take care of yourself- what you love, what you’re passionate about and build that as first in your life- and the rest will follow.

Woman Working Out

2. Be Vocal and Open
A guy or anyone for that matter feels comfortable and more open to be themselves when you are the same. So speak your mind! Your opinions, thoughts on a subject, passions, dreams, beliefs…the more you keep yourself an open book the more you’ll save everyone’s time in aligning with people and that potential guy who will be most in favor of building the life you want to live.

3. No Drama
Guys like it when a girl has her self in order enough to keep the drama at bay in her life. Because you have worked on yourself and know what you are about and what your values are chances are there is little to no drama because you know best how to keep yourself in a happy and healthy place.

4. Don’t Be A Robot
There is nothing more of a turn off when you are a parrot just repeating back what you think someone wants to hear. Be your own person. If the guy doesn’t end up who you are as a vocal, open woman than consider it saving your time when he walks away. The right guy will love that you are different and not just a robot of his own imaginations.


5. Don’t Box Him In
Nothing makes the guys run faster than smelling the controlling girlfriend vibe! If you are already working on yourself as priority in designing the kind of life that YOU want than you will not have time to be latching on and worried over whether a guy is going to stay with you or not. If the guy is worth a grain of salt he will respect the fact that you are your own person and not give you cause to give him a boxed-in feeling. And if he does give you cause for concern, than girl, you are strong enough in owning your own life and happiness that you will walk away from it!

6. Compliment the Man
That’s right! If you see it, tell him! It leaves it out in the open what you think about him. We don’t like guessing just as much as men don’t like guessing if someone digs us or not. It’s everyone’s work to not take for granted the special people in our lives so really show up day to day and voice what you notice and appreciate about your man or loved ones.


7. Adventurous
Guys dig a girl who is alive and wanting to grow, know, learn, do, and be more. That doesn’t mean you have to be gungho, balls to the wall, every day traveling to Timbuktu but it’s a quality of keeping a curiosity in life that can be evidenced in such a small thing as reading up on something that peaks your interest to planning and doing that backpacking trip with your guy that you have always wanted to do.

8. Friends
Guys dig it when they still feel like their girl can be a pal. Let’s face it, we all can only handle so much of the hanky panky Notebook romance before we start to feel smothered. Be silly with him, be one of the guys at times, talk real talk, just be yourself!

Best Friends

9. Make the First Move
Gone are the days where dad comes home in a suit, briefcase in hand while mom has been slaving away in pearls and hoover in hand. It’s the 21st century ladies and all that women’s empowerment progress we have been doing means we need to not resort back to 1950’s quiet housewife mentality when it comes to the guy of interest whether you are just getting to know the guy or whether you have been together for quite sometime. If you want something, ask for it- go for it! It’s time to act!

Au Naturale

10. Au Naturale
Guys dig it when a lady is confident enough to own her own natural beauty. After all, when you are constantly dolled up it might be a shock for the guy to see you without anything on. We can’t count the times we have heard a guy say that too much make up just makes you look like a clown more than anything. It all goes back to if you are loving and taking care of yourself as priority, that strength and comfort in being in your own skin is going to send massive attractive vibes out to the guy of choice.

11. Equal Respect
Guys dig it when a girl is strong enough in her own self to be on equal playing field with him. If a guy doesn’t, then we might have some insecurities on his part to talk about. Valuing the needs and desires of the other is how lasting relationships happen.

girlfriend playing video games

12. Ask For Help
Being your own woman doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. In fact, being strong enough in yourself means knowing when you DO need someone else’s help and perspective and asking for it. Asking your man for his help makes him feel that you value his presence, ability, skills, and knowledge in your life. So don’t be afraid to ask for it- it’s just a compliment.

13. Quality Time
Guys dig it when a girl puts her phone down to really zone in on being together. Think about it, do you like it when a guy finds fidgeting with his phone more important than showing up in the time you guys actually have together face to face? Guys also dig it when you take time to be interested in his hobbies. That doesn’t mean you have to be the number 1 fan of a sports team you have had no idea about before you met the dude but it does mean that you should at least respect his interests. Definitely don’t diss his hobbies because ain’t nobody got time for a hater!

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