Why Men Don’t Want to Make Their Relationships Public

It’s not uncommon for some men to keep their relationships private, especially in the beginning. But before you assume this is negatively motivated, know that things aren’t always as they seem. Among the different reasons why men like to keep their relationships private, concerns for family and friends tend to be the most common. Listed below are seven reasons why men may want to keep their relationship a secret.

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He Doesn’t Want Mutual Friends To Know Yet – Men don’t like to be harassed by the opinions of other people. When it comes to mutual friends of a couple, they could start asking lots of questions regarding private things that could end up bothering both parties in the relationship. The best way to handle the situation is to be patient and wait a while before telling anyone about the relationship. Then, announce it when things feel more serious. If these people are true friends, they will surely approve!

He’s Worried About Family Approval – If a man comes from a traditional family or has parents with very precise ideas about who he should be dating, he may want to wait before telling them about the relationship. Communication is key in these cases: try to find the right way to approach the family and understand their vision.

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He Just Ended Another Relationship – If this is the case, there could be more than one specific reason why he is wanting to keep the relationship a secret. Maybe he doesn’t want to hurt his exes feelings since they recently broke up. Perhaps he wants to protect his new girlfriend from any negativity from his ex. He may also still have feelings for his ex and thinks they could end up getting back together some day. In this kind of situation, the best way to handle things is to investigate his reasoning carefully without pressuring him.

Someone In His Group Of Friends Has Feelings For Him – This can happen with any group of good friends – one friend develops feelings without them being reciprocated. I’ve seen men keep their relationship a secret just to prevent ruining group balance or hurting another friend they have. If the relationship is serious then when the time comes, he will be open about it with all his friends and there won’t be any problems.

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He Is Unsure About His Feelings – Men can be just as insecure as women, especially when it comes to feelings and new relationships. Don’t be surprised if he wants to see where things go before announcing it to the world. Remember that time is key: he will realize soon enough if it’s real love or not.

He Thinks The Relationship Is More Exciting – It’s not very common, but some guys think keeping their relationship private makes it more exciting and hot. The idea of going around and doing things with someone that nobody else knows about ignites their passion. Believe it or not, this could be a great way to enjoy things even more for a while.

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He’s Afraid Of Ruining His Reputation If He Gets Dumped – Public appearance is important to most men, especially those who have a prominent career or who are popular. For this reason, they may be afraid of ruining their reputation if they get dumped by a girl. From a female perspective, this may seem like nonsense, but girls should try to understand this reasoning and realize that if the relationship is serious, there’s no need to hide it.