8 Mistakes Every Man Makes While Making Out

8 Mistakes Every Man Makes While Making Out

Most men think they’re the best when it comes to the art of making out. But, most of them really need to accept that they definitely make some mistakes in this department. Often times women are blamed for being complicated and not easy to understand. Every man hates being unable to understand female nature, but it’s actually themselves that need the most improvement. Still, there’s no better way to improve your kissing technique than learning and practicing!

Here we compiled a list of 8 things men do while making out and women hate them.

1. Not playing the dominant role of leading while making out. – Most of the women love when their partners take leads while making out. Although from time to time, each woman wants to take a credit of leading but this is not going to become the norm. It is a man’s responsibility to play a dominant role during the love making.

Couple Kissing Each Other

2. When they want to try crazy things with their partner. – Every woman loves an adventurous side in his man but when it gets too much, it doesn’t remain fun at all and just exhausting. Every man should have to respect her partner feelings and should have to do all the stuff in a way which is acceptable and enjoyable for his partner too.

3. Not caring her likes and dislikes. – There is not a single woman in the world who likes when guys force their likes and dislike on her. Your favorite position might be uncomfortable for her. So understand and don’t force her if she doesn’t like it. As I repeat again, do whatever you have to do with her but make sure that she’s is okay with it and also enjoying the way you’re making out with her.

4. Not know how to kiss properly. – Every man should know how to kiss a woman. When they get all sloppy while kissing is a turn off for a woman. They should have to start it normally and then have to rise slowly. But here, most of the men starts exactly in the fastest way and when it’s time to rise they become too slow.

Couple Making Out

5. Erogenous zone. – Usually, guys don’t fully understand a woman’s body and always try to fulfill their desire on their partner’s body, that’s totally wrong. It’s important to learn the erogenous zones that will help them to satisfy her completely.

6. You failed to satisfy her; You’re done but she’s not. – Guys think that when they’re done, their partners are done with it too but that’s not the case every time. Most of the man becomes tired very soon while making out but a woman can stay longer as much as you want her to stay. Her sexual fantasies are never gonna end so soon.

7. Annoying undressing skills. – Most of the women hate when the men don’t know how to set up the mood and have poor skills, it just turns them off. We agree that some pieces of female clothing are often testing the abilities, while others present plenty of opportunities to even spice things up.

8. When they’re too quiet while making out. – Most of the women like it when guys are a little loud in bed. And they like it when they make the right amount of noise while sexual intercourse. As it is scientifically proved that it helps to raise the sexual fantasies of a woman.

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