7 Simple Clear Signs a Woman Wants You to Kiss Her
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7 Signs a Woman Wants You to Kiss Her

signs a woman wants you to kiss her

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7 Signs a Woman Wants You to Kiss Her

If you can make a woman feel lots of attraction to you early on, it will only feel natural for her to kiss you. She’ll want you to initiate it because she might already have deeper physical feelings for you. Still, despite how much attraction a guy might make a woman feel, she will rarely be the one who makes the first move by kissing him. Women usually give you as many signals as possible in the hope that you will show her the confidence to make the initial move. Sure, in the movies you might see a woman walk up to some random guy and start kissing him immediately. That doesn’t happen often in real life and several woman would actually prefer to miss out on the opportunity rather than having to make the first move themselves. Why? Simply because women want a confident man. Most would prefer to wait for a confident guy to come around rather than making the first move on a nervous guy who lacks the mental and emotional strength to pickup on all of the signals she is sending. To ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to initiate a kiss, look for the 7 signals below which clearly tell you it’s time to go in for that smooch!

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Clear Signals That A Woman Wants You To Kiss Her

1. Steady Eye Contact & Staring At Lips – If a female is interested in kissing you, she will usually try to maintain eye contact and can usually be seen looking at your mouth. If the girl is shy then she likely won’t want to make lots of eye contact, but she will make a point of regularly looking at your mouth in order to show that she is interested. No matter the girl, if she’s giving steady eye contact and occasionally looking down at your lips then she is definitely attracted to you and is either consciously showing it, or she is reacting on instinct and just going with the flow.

2. Touching or Playfully Hitting You – When a women isn’t interested in a man or doesn’t feel any particular attraction to him, she won’t want to give him any wrong signals which could indicate she is interested. That means she’ll most likely avoid touching. She’ll do this because she doesn’t want to give him the impression it’s okay to touch each other, and will want to avoid as much physical contact as possible. On the flip side, when a woman is regularly touching you, it reveals that she is comfortable with that sort of physical contact between the two of you.

3. Biting or Licking Her Lips – If you’re talking to a girl and she is biting her lip in a girly way (or licking them) then you’re good to go. There is virtually no other obvious signal that you could ask for. Don’t doubt yourself when women show you this signal – it’s probably the most obvious of them all. When a woman bites or licks her lips in an attractive way, she is essentially trying to tell you that she’s feeling girly and submissive around you. This is also a clear sign the woman feels that you are the more powerful and confident one.

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4. Submissive Looks – If a man is masculine then a woman will often enjoy the feeling of being submissive to him. So, anytime a woman is giving you submissive looks (such as dipping her chin down and looking up at you in a girly way) when she is interacting with you, she is instinctively (and sometimes actively/consciously) trying to communicate I’m open to submitting to you. I like you. I’m feeling this. It will then be up to you as the man to make a move.

5. She is Open to You Touching Her – If a girl isn’t attracted to you and doesn’t want to show you any signs of interest, she usually isn’t going to be open to you touching her. If you put your hand on her leg or put your arm around her, she will push you away in an annoyed or angrily manner. She might even say something like Hey – no need to touch. On the contrary, if you’re talking to a girl and put your arm around her lower back or touch her on the shoulder and find her responding in a positive way, then it’s a clear signal she is attracted to you and most likely open to a kiss.

6. Primps Herself For You – Primping refers to a girl making minor adjustments to her hair, makeup, or clothes. When it comes to male/female dynamic, it’s the woman who needs to look pretty and beautiful. The man then selects the pretty and beautiful woman. It’s not up to guys to primp themselves and look all pretty for women. A woman tends to be the pretty, colorful and beautiful one while the man should be confident, masculine and select the woman which he finds attractive and connects with.

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7. Plays with Her Hair or Necklace – There is a difference between a woman playing with her hair or necklace, and casually readjusting. If you’re talking with a female and find that she is constantly playing with her hair or necklace in a girly, shy or submissive way then she likely wants to kiss you. This is a clear sign that she is feeling girly around you, that you’re the more powerful one and that is turning her on. She is showing you that she is willing to submit and is enjoying the feeling.

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