Women Reveal The Best Compliment Their Partner Has Ever Given Them

A heartfelt compliment has the power to brighten your day, whether it comes from a friend, co-worker or even the barista serving up your morning cup of coffee. But when the compliment comes from your partner – someone who knows you better than anybody else – those sweet words of gratitude or admiration are especially meaningful. Some of these small, simple comments might be forgotten over time, but a truly special one can stick with you for years and years. We’ve researched some of the best compliments women have said they received from their partner. Below are their responses:

man giving compliment

You’re an incredible mom. – “The best compliment my wife ever gave me was when she said I was an amazing mother. As moms we doubt ourselves and sometimes we think we are doing the worst job in the world, but when your partner tells you that you are rocking at your job, it really makes a difference.” – Sarah R.

You inspire me to be the best partner I can be. – “My favorite compliment from my husband was when he told me that I made him want to be a better husband. The best part about this is that he really shows me that every day. In a thousand different ways, he tries to be an even better version of the man that I love, and I really feel it. I appreciate it so much that it makes me want to be a better wife too!” – Yaoyao Ma Van As

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You’re going to change the world like you’ve changed mine. – “It was a little snippet from his vows to me: ‘With your positivity and passion, and your heart mind and soul, you are going to change the world for the absolute better. You have already changed mine and as you inspire the world with your gifts, I promise to be there, right by your side.'” – Amanda Oleander

You’re the smartest person I know. – “I’ve been with my husband for 15 years, since I was just 18 years old. We’ve given each other a lot of compliments over the years, but this one stands out the most. I don’t remember when or where he first said it because he’s said it to me over and over again: ‘You are the smartest person I’ve ever met.’ Since I happen to consider him the smartest person I know, this compliment holds a great deal of weight!” – Kimberly Poovey