Wedding Fail Videos

[VIDEO] Top 5 Hilarious Wedding Fails

Wedding receptions are usually a great time – especially when there is an open bar. Large amounts of alcohol tends to make some people get a little on the wild and crazy side, and that can lead to some hilarious photos and videos. Sure, we all love the ceremony portion where we get to witness two love birds getting married and tying the knot forever. However, it’s usually the reception where you will get all the laughs and fails. Trust me, there is no shortage of hilarious wedding videos and pictures that can be found all across the internet. In fact, there are so many you could probably spend all day watching and laughing at different ones. We wanted to make it a bit easier for you, though. That’s why we’ve gone out and watched hundreds of different wedding videos in order to determine which were the funniest. Listed below are five different wedding fail compilation videos that are sure to have you rolling around and laughing out loud. Just remember, when it’s time for your wedding day don’t make the same kinds of mistakes these other couples did. Also, give some serious consideration as to whether or not an open bar would be ideal for the guests and family members attending!

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